Wilderness of the Smokies

Fun in the Smokies

Cool air and awesome hotel rooms await you at Wilderness of the Smokies!

Hotel rooms!

The hotel rooms are big and great! You can relax while watching television while your kids are lounging on the sofa bed. You will also have plenty of room for your family with plenty of space to spare.

video games!

For people who like video games there is a giant arcade! It has video games like racing and the crane game. There are plenty of games to relax and play.

Pools Galore!

For people who like waves there is a giant wave pool! If you like relaxing you can slowly move around the lazy river.

Water Slides!

If you like swirly whirly water slides. You can ride giant water slides or you can ride really fast water slides.

I hope one day you will come to Wilderness of the Smokies in Sieverville, TN!