30 Million men are suffering

at some time in their life, could you be one of them?

It is more common than you think.

One in five men over the age of 20 could be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and is not only a result of old age. Having erectile dysfunction does not make a man less of a man. Thirty-percent of healthy men in the military are suffering from ED.

So How Does it Happen?

When a normal erection is a achieved, the body engages in a complex process involving psychological impulses from the brain, adequate levels of the males sex hormone testosterone, a functioning nervous system, and adequate and healthy vascular tissue in the penis.

In a male with erectile dysfunction blood does not flow to the penis, or cannot be stored in the penis. Nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord do not reach the penis. Physical, emotional, or relationship problems can cause ED. Depression, relationship conflict, stress, or anxiety about sexual performance are all possible contributing factors.

How Do I Know if I Have ED?

Males suffering from erectile dysfunction have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. A physical examination by a doctor can provide you with a diagnosis of ED.

Can it Be Treated?

ED is commonly treated with drug therapies using medications such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. Prosthetic reconstructive surgery is an option to restore functioning to the penis but talk to your doctor about possible treatments. Couples counseling is also an option for those suffering from ED with a non-medical cause.


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