World War 2

Trysten Jackson

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born June 12,1929. Anne lived in Amsterdam during World War 2 with her family. Anne was only 15 when her family was sent to camps. Anne died at the Concentration camp. During the time she was hiding she was hiding she wrote in a diary . Her diary is now published.

The Andrews sisters

This group of sisters Patty,Maxene,and La Verne are known as Americas most popular female singing group. The Andrew's sisters appeared in 17 Hollywood movies. The 3 Andrew's sisters were born in Minnesota. One of the Andrew's sisters songs was "I can dream can't I." The oldest sister La Verne was diagnosed with cancer. A year after she was diagnosed she died. The other 2 decided that they should stop the singing group. Patty the youngest sister kept singing while Maxene the middle child became vice-president of Tahoe Paradise College. In this sad time in America this trio brought joy and happiness.


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