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Weekly overview

There is nothing really to say during this article because we say it in others but our King was killed by an Assyrian.

Houses are being sold for amazingly cheap prices

Three story houses are being sold around the city and are being sold at very cheap prices. Do you and a friend want to split this masterpiece of a house for as low of 10 shekels? This is a once in a lifetime offer. It is only going on for half of lunar cycle. Buy a house today. It can be made out of reeds or mud bricks. Whatever your taste in style is. Come buy and buy a house today!


We are giving a shout out happy birthday to these special people. But not as special as the writers of this newspaper. We would like to wish a happy birthday to our "beloved" king Hammurabi. I would also like to acknowledge these commoners: the Charse's new baby girl and that is all folks.

Fashion uprising

People in Babylon have a great sense of fashion. But our king has put the kibosh on our beautiful clothes. Only the people of the greatest wealth can buy beautiful and dyed clothing. People that are not in that "high class" cannot buy beautiful clothing. All they can where is the same clothes they had and what slaves wear. Which is very embarrassing.


Hey everybody, there is a new inventions in town. The inventions are beer,wine, sailboats, and wheel. All the new items have started a giant party. The wheel is used for pottery and in making chariots(which are horse drawn carriages risen into battle). The gods are great beer is good but people get crazy. Wine is red so are you, you must be sunburned, I must have drank to much wine. Sailboats are used to make trading easier. The are so amazing inventions they make everything easier.

Hammurabi's code

"Obey Hammurabi's code or you'll be saying OH NO" This is very true. If you disobey Hammurabi's code you will either be killed, killed, killed, or gravely injured. Also in some rare cases you will live. Here's an interview on how everybody is taking these new sets of laws.

"Theses laws are so strict. I swear I can't even go outside without breaking one of his laws."

I only put this one because all the other people had the same opinion. This person also asked to remain nameless so they do not get caught by King Hammurabi. Why all these new laws???!!!

Nebuchadezzar's hanging gardens

King Nebuchadnezzar built these amazing gardens for his homesick wife. she was homesick because she used to live in the mountains so she was not used to having no trees in her "backyard". So, our king, told his men to uproot the trees on her mountain and plant them in his palace. Once they were planted his wife was really happy. So everyone lived happily ever after.

Travailing merchant survives bandit attack with items intact

Our own Chak, the travailing merchant, got attacked by Assyrian bandits! He was so overcome by fear that all he did was lash out with his bag of gold and hit them with it. The Assyrian bandits all got it in the head and got knocked out. Once they were all knocked out he ran away as fast as lightning. When he got back to the city, we honored him with a good amount of shekels and he was respected. He also was able to keep the items he knocked the bandits out with!

King is a traitor

Our so called "loyal" king was a traitor. He was a traitor because he helped the Assyrian's break through the city walls. After the priests found out that he was a traitor they sentenced him to death. Once he was dead his son took over the throne. So the Assyrians had to take control and kill this new king...

Assyrian raid

The raid happened in the middle of the night. They came out of nowhere with there blades spinning. Once everyone was dead except for the royal families and the priests. They continued to the palace. The king at this time was Ashurbanipal so he put a leash on our new king and treated him like a dog. Do you want to know how we survived? We survived because we jumped in line with the other soldiers and acted like them. When they were gone we rebuilt this city called Babylon.

Ancient Mesopotamia Song By Mr. Nicky