Canada In 2060

By: Abdul Faisal


In this report, you will be reading about how Canada will change and evolve from its current state and how it will look like in the upcoming 44 years. The future will depend on three main categories: Immigration, Demography and the First Nations. Other than this I will talk briefly about the present rates for the number of births and deaths. I will also discuss the current relationship between Canadians and First Nations. By the end of this report, I won't be able to show how Canada will physically look like in 2060 because of the fairly extensive time period but I'll be able to provide basic info on the three main areas of focus.
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Immigration- Past

For many years, Canada has known to be one of the most widely culturally diverse country, Canada has and still is accepting immigrants from all around the globe. Due to the multicultural community, that factor attracts a bunch of immigrants to immigrate to Canada. Not only that but also free health care, job opportunities, democratic government and education. Even though there a lot of positives about Canada and its immigration but some factors like costly taxes and freezing temperatures in the winter causes some people to emigrate.

The history of Canada's past immigration has been good but also really low at times but lets talk about when Canadas immigration was quite at a peek. When Canadas immigration was increased it was because of the good economic phase Canada was going through but not only that, the Great expansion of Western Canada and also the post-war booms. These three major reasons had steered Canada into increasing their immigration. However, Canada also went through the phase where their immigration dropped pretty low. The reasons for poor immigration were the bad economic times, depression,World war I and World War II were one of the major reasons for poor immigration.