Nupur Khandelwal

Chinese Cinderella

First, in the story Chinese Cinderella Adeline was already facing adversity. She was considered bad luck because her mom had died when she was born, therefore she had bad luck . Next, at around the age of 5 her whole family had despised her and never treated her nicely, specially her Niang (stepmom). Then, when her friends had showed up at her home, her parents were outraged and had sent her to many different school for girls. She had been abused by her parents terribly and never once did she do anything wrong. Finally, she never gave up after being sent to many schools, she persevered and never fought back to her parents. At the end her family sent her to study in England where she there started her life.

A Dream Goes To Waste

Laura Beth was determined to have a recycling plant in her neighborhood when she found out her city in Texas didn't have one. She had worked day and night. When the other kids go outside and play Laura stays inside and makes petitions. She goes door to door in her neighborhood to ask people to sign her petition. She had made calls to city hall but the mayor said no. When the mayor was re-elected he thought it was a great idea and thought she would like it if the city had more. Laura was very happy that she never gave up and finally got the recycling plant.

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The Sweet Smell of Success

John had a perfect life. He had a beautiful house and was engaged. But he made a decision which many people thought was crazy. He wanted to leave because he didn't feel he truly enjoy what he did. As a result he had come up with his own product and never gave up to sell his product. He had gone to the white house to talk to the president about selling his glazed nuts and he had paid to sell his products at universal studios and everyone loved the sweet aroma of his product. Now he is very rich and many people are selling his product around the world.

Words Failed Him

A guy had a problem, he was an illiterate man who couldn't read or write if he had ever wanted to write something he would have to remember the full thing to write it and never asked for help. He was married and had children and no one but his wife knew about his problem. One day one his children had asked them to read them a story his wife had to step in and tell them he was very busy. That was the bottom line he was very angry that he couldn't do anything for his family and felt inadequate. That night him and his wife had come up with a solution. Each night when the children fall asleep she would help him. It took many nights of frustration and hours of practice but he had finally learned how to read and write.
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