By: Will Moll


  • It is on the continent of asia
  • The closest ocean is the indian ocean
  • the closest coutries are China, Pakistan, Bangladesh
  • Its capital is New Deli
  • The country is 1,269 sq miles
  • Its most dominant landform is mountains
  • Some of it natural resources are iron ore and ferroalloys


  • Some of its major industries are mining and agriculture
  • One of there imports is crude petrolium
  • One import is refined petrolium
  • Its currency is the rupee


  • India is a republic
  • India's leader is Pranab Mukher
  • It's military has 4,768,407
  • Some of the countries they don't get along with is China and Pakistan

Social Structures

  • India has a caste system
  • It's main religion is Hinduism
  • The life expectancy of a indian is 66 years
  • They speak Hindi
  • The education is free for kids ages 6-14