Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 2 Monday 20th - Friday 24th April

Dates for the Diary

Poem in your Pocket Day: Thursday 30th April

ICT Open Lessons:

DNi: Monday 4th May @ 9:20-10:20

CDo: Monday 4th May @ 2:00-3:00

ABa: Wednesday 6th May @ 9:20-10:20

Botanical Garden trip: Thursday 7th May

Next week's virtue of the week is:

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Swimming lessons are back!

5ABa - Tuesdays @ 2pm

5DNi - Thursdays @ 2pm

5CDo - Friday @9:20am

Please can we remind parents that PE kit should only be worn to school if the PE lesson is in the morning and that children should be showering and changing back into uniform.

Thank you

Language Arts

This week the children have continued to identify and analyse imagery in poetry, including similes and metaphors. The students particularly enjoyed the metaphor poem 'My Family' and were invited to construct a poem in the same form on either their own family or their class members.

The children were encouraged to draft and revise their poems in pairs and will go on to produce published copies of their favourite compositions next week, after studying personification.

Throughout the week we have continued to celebrate Poetry Month and have enjoyed a array of poems selected by the SJIIES teachers.


The children made an enthusiastic start to their new science unit, 'Roots, Shoots and Fruits'. They had many interesting questions in the knowledge harvest such as:

What effect does the weather have on plant growth?

How do plants reproduce?

Which plants are dangerous?

Can you tell how old a plant is?

Can plants grow everywhere, even up mountains?

The trip to the Garden Centres on Thomson Road gave us an excellent chance to examine a number of different plants and flowers. The children enjoyed seeing the variety on offer and were very excited to choose seeds to plant back at school.

To start our learning journey we have been investigating the conditions seeds need to germinate. The children have planned their investigations and will be planting their seeds next week. The children are trying hard to improve their virtues of cooperation when working in their science groups and are aiming for excellence in their investigative write-ups.


The Grade 5 children started the school term with an outdoor Maths Trail. They had a whale of time going to different spots to search for a task. They achieved one to four tickets if they managed to find out the solution for the task. This trail is an excellent way of revising topics in a fun and engaging way.

Our next unit is Angles, which some of the classes have begun this week. When working with angles, children are encouraged to use high-lighters, colour-pencils or coloured-pens to trace the important lines. Tracing of the lines enables the children to identify the properties of the angles easily.

Service Opportunities


SJIIES will be hosting a Lap-a-thon on Saturday 9th May from 4pm - 7pm on the Upper Field. This is a worthy cause to support two projects. The first is one of our Global Initiatives: the Lasallian Education Services in Sri Lanka, and the second is a School Council improvement project.

The children should have brought home a sponsorship form in order to collect pledges for the amount of laps completed. This will also be a house event with points awarded for participation, including family members, pets and teachers. There will a host of other events going on during the Lap-a-thon.


Grade 5 will be holding a bake sale in aid of the SPCA. This will take place on Tuesday 5th May at break time (10:20a,m). This initiative has been put forward by some members of the Grade group to help them achieve Bronze CASS award.

Please help support your child in developing their service by helping them bake ready for the big day.

Homework Week 3

IPC - Choose a plant to research and create an info sheet about. Submission Date Monday 11th May

Writing - Write a personification poem on a theme of your choice. Submission Date Monday 4th May

Maths - Task set my maths teacher.

Monday's task due in on Wednesday 29th April

Wednesday's task due in on Monday 4th May