Language Arts Journals

Daniel Tuley

Journal 1

I think that media can be defined as the multiple mediums in which news can be accessed through. Being media literate means that you are able to access, analyze, understand, and create media. It is the ability to interpret media through the many different mediums it is displayed through such as television, newspapers, social media, and more. Being able to access media would mean that you have a way to find out about current events through the internet or the news. Having the ability to analyze and infer would mean that you would be able to read a news article or watch a news segment, and be able to use information from the article or television segment to piece together a story. In order to understand media, you must be able to use context that you notice throughout a story to infer something about a story. It means that you are able to comprehend what the author of a story is trying to say, and then you decide how you feel about this news and base your opinion off of it. Lastly, creating media means that you contribute to the environment around you by acting on the opinions you have formed by accessing, analyzing, and understanding the media that you come across on a daily basis. It is necessary for us, citizens, to be able to form our own opinions so that we may have a sense of self-expression. In all, media literacy is one’s ability to comprehend media and use that information to generate their own opinions, and then expressing those opinions to others.