Come "Inn" & Have a Rest!

Ysatis Gonzalez (Option Four)

An Overview of the Tabard Inn

The Tabard Inn serves up several fine meals each day, and if you agree to tell me a tale that is up to my liking, you just might find yourself the proud winner of not one, but two free meals. Many pilgrims use this inn as a midpoint on their way to Canterbury. The host, which is me, is very entertaining and is always willing to lend a helping hand. To not stop at the Tabard Inn would be absolutely insane because the atmosphere is too nice to overlook or pass. You'll want to begin and end your trip with this homely little inn!

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An Autobiography of your Dear Host

My full name is Harry Bailey, and I run the Tabard Inn. I am said to be an excellent tour guide in addition to my hosting skills. I want nothing but a good tale or two when it comes to gaining a reward from my guest, and even so, I am likely to grant them a free meal. As your host, it is my duty to serve you in the best way possible, and I long for nothing more. I am able to take charge of large diverse groups of people which makes me a fine leader. Some have found me to be capable of mediating disputes and thus gaining peace for my guests. It will never be a plain day with me as your host!

Is the Tabard Inn the Place for You?

Now, why ask such a silly question? Of course it is! I think you'll find that it is my goal to meet every single one of your needs. On your way to Canterbury, it is the best stop for you to eat and rest up. The Tabard Inn has strong wine and a jolly good host, so you might find yourself all too willing to stop by a second time! There's no better place to stop on the way back from Canterbury that my lovely little inn. The meals are divine, and the wine is never at a decline. The beds are comfortable. The host is striking and wise. While staying here, you'll want nothing more than to laugh and tell tales all night!
The Canterbury Tales - Episode 1