Emily's Journal

By: Emily Holmes

Monday May 16

This weekend i had a blast. We got to go camping in Minnesota and it was in the middle of the woods and it was really nice there. We got to go there because my brother was going to a concert with his friends. While they were at the concert we got to go exploring and we all got some really good ice cream. I got some kind of ice cream called superman and cotton candy and it was really good. Then we got to go to different places like shops and got to go site seeing and got to see a lot of horses everywhere. Oh and did you know that there are 10,000 lakes there. That is a lot a lot of lakes. While we were driving we saw a lot of them and i can't believe that there is that many!!!!

Tuesday May 17

This summer i am going to be very very busy!!! This summer is my sisters wedding and all of our family member's and cousin's and friends are coming and it is going to be really fun. Everyone is going to come a week early so we all get to spend time with each other and i cannot wait. My sister for her wedding did something really cool. Our sister had me and my other sister be her mad of honors so we both get to stand by her at her wedding. I i haven't see a wedding or even heard of one with two mad of honors and i think that is amazing and really cool that my sisters wedding is going to be one of a kind!!!!
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This weekend is both of my best friends birthday's. The one friend is having a birthday party at a bowling place and the other one is going to hang out with her family on her birthday. This weekend for Isabelle i am going to get her a bag of candy of her favorite candy and a birthday note. For haeley since she loves to read i am going to get her a book and a bookmark to go with it and also a birthday note. this weekend is going to be really fun and i cannot wait the have lots of fun with my friends this weekend and i hope that they both have a great birthday, Alsohope they enjoy my birthday presents too!!!!!
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Thrusday May 19

Today is going to be a really fun day. My friend Chloe invited me over to her house to hang out and go in the spa. I get to see her animals and get to go exploring by here house!!!
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Monday May 23

This weekend was really fun. While my family and i were at home we were playing bat mitten and while we were playing we found this bunny hole with a lot of bunnies in it. So we waited the night to see if the mom would come back and she didn't. So that day we went there and we grabbed the baby's and now we are hand feeding them. So we are hand feeding them and it is really fun. My mom and my sisters are really good at hand feeding them.! Once when my mom was little my mom and her sister and my grandma found theses baby birds. So my mom saved them and they hand feed the baby's till they were old enough to fly. My mom, told me when she was little the birds we sit on the clothing line and open there mouths when you would know that they would be hungry!! I think that is sooooooooo adorable and i hope that we will get to rescue more animals and make the world a better place!!!!!

My book, a snickers of Magic!!!!

This book i am reading it is about this little girl and her mom and her sister and her aunt Cleo move a lot. So they have found this town were there used to be magic and all these cool things. The little girl wants to be happy and stay in one place for a long time. So she is trying to find out if her family is going to stay in the town of stoneberry or leave to find another place were felicity will not be happy!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday May 24

One of my favorite senses is summer. I really like summer because it is warm out and you get to do more things in summer then in winter or fall. Summer you get to go swimming, exploring and hiking. Also you get to go camping hanging out with your friends and also don't have to go to school for that 3 months or 2 months. I am really excited for summer and cant wait to spend time with my family and friends!!!!!!
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Wednesday May 25

My favorite classes in school would be science and gym. They would be my favorite because we get to go outside for gym and get to play games and also for science we get to dye sect things and get to find new organism under a microscope. In the begging of science i was not fun at all. We didn't do very much and we only didn't book work and it was not fun at all but this trimester it is and i cant wait to start dissecting things when i get to science class today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday may 26

This weekend is going to be really fun because o get to hang out with my best friends Isabelle and i cant wait. We haven't hung out for a while and i really hope that we can hang out this weekend. Oh and yesterday was really fun because me and my sister BB went in the pool and we got t Russell and swim in it and it was really fun and i cant wait to do that again. it was really nice out and i am glad that she stayed over and we got to have fun and i was really excited to and she is my best friend and i love BB so much and i can't wait for her wedding to come and the summer to come so i can spend more and more time with her. There is going to be so many adventures and i am so excited i could scream. Summer is going to be the best time e very and i cannot wait bring on the hot weather and the sun shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday May 27

This weekend is going to be really fun!!!!! Mu best friends Isabelle and grace are coming over and we are going to have such a great time. We are going to go in the pool, watch movies eat popcorn and watch music videos maybe also go on the trampoline!!!!!! I am really excited and i cannot wait to have them over its been awhile and i am happy that we both get to have sleepovers and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!