Library NewsBlast December 2015


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Computer Electronics by alex grichenko

Participate in an Hour of Code

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, encourage your students to participate in "An Hour of Code." There are many different self-teaching modules online, from Scratch, a very simple program, to introducing you to JAVA. Teachers, if you are looking for more opportunities for yourself, sign up for the CS-NYC Meetup newsletter to learn about all the opportunities. Bootstrap Company is running a workshop for teachers on January 8-9th, which is free for NYC teachers. Learn about the curriculum, explore creative strategies for students struggling with algebra and take home a video game you created. If your passion is electronics, investigate the Little Bits company. Little Bits are electronic building blocks that can be used to teach sequence, collaboration and problem solving. Lessons are online on the Little Bits site. There is a 15% teacher discount until January 1.

Around the Web

Lit2Go: Database of famous speeches and primary source documents with vocabulary and readability levels.

Storycorps: encourage your students to interview older relatives, using the Storycorps app. Includes helpful tips for successful interviews.

Homework Help Pixel by Pixel by Tara Parker-Pope: Article from the New York Times listing several apps which are highly recommended for students.

Self directed learning modules to help students develop skills. Sample module on Writing Explanation for Science from Thinkport and the Maryland Department of Education.

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Along with Hanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa coming, did you know the following events are also celebrated in December?

December 1: World Aids Day

December 6, 1849: Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery.

December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor was bombed and on December 8, 1941 the United States entered WWII. See our collection of related books in the library.

Coming in January: Alexander Hamilton's Birthday. January 11th. Celebrate the entire weekend with events around New York City.