232nd ISSUE: May 20, 2022

From the Desk of Rev. Charles Warren

"Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.”

In the Catholic mass there are some options and changes to wording in order to better express certain truths in different seasons. We have arrived at a seasonal change.

Usually at mass I will use the option “go in peace”, but lately I have found myself using this slightly longer option. It speaks to a truth we need to hear right now.

If a person believes that simply going to mass makes you a good person, they are wrong.

If a person believes that simply going to school makes you a good person, they are also wrong.

At this threshold to summer, our students have an opportunity to respond to the mission they have been given.

Mass comes from the word mission which means “to send”. At mass you should receive everything you need to then go out and live the mission. That’s the point of going to church. Be transformed, then go transform the world.

Whether it’s our seniors taking a big step or the rest of our students making a smaller change for the summer, each of them is now called to leave Marian Central Catholic High School to live its mission wherever they are.

Intentionally keeping up with friends and family, working hard at jobs or internships, even napping in a hammock…all of these can be done to glorify God. They will be a necessary part of the mission.

All parts of our lives can glorify God and bring God‘s love to others. When all parts of our lives do this, there will be a peace that attracts others to this mission.

So, to our students, staff, faculty, and families, thank you for a great first year. I have learned so much and been so changed by the goodness in our community. I am so grateful to be part of this Hurricane family!

I know good things can happen during our summer break, things that can be brought back to our school and further the mission.

So Hurricanes, go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.

To the Heights, Together!

Fr. Warren


As we conclude this school year and wish our graduating seniors good luck in the next chapter of their lives, we want to help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

We will again be having a uniform giveaway in June. This giveaway is to help families offset the cost of uniforms and to provide students with gently used clothing to add to their supply. Watch your email for a date/time for this event.

As you order clothes this summer, please order uniform clothing from Dennis Uniform as they are the provider for our school.

Also, we want to clarify that we have a school uniform, not a dress code. A uniform is specific clothing, it is what you have to wear. A dress code explains what you can and can’t wear, a guideline to acceptable attire. School pants and shorts must have the interlocking MC and all shirts, shorts, pants, fleece, and PE clothes must come from Dennis Uniform.

We hope all of you have a safe and restful summer and we look forward to seeing everyone back in August!


Benjamin Winkelman

Brad Williams

Co-Deans of Students

Laptop Return

All laptops and chargers must be turned in between May 24 - 26. Students who lost their chargers during the school year must purchase a new one prior to returning their device. Chargers can be purchased in the Marian office for $45.

Stickers and decals are not allowed on laptops and must be removed prior to returning the laptop.

Senior O365 and Google Accounts

Senior 0365 and Google accounts will be shut down by May 31st. Seniors who wish to keep any documents should save them on a personal account prior to May 31st. Once the account is closed, documents cannot be retrieved.

Exam Prep

Dear Freshmen Parents,

To help your freshmen prepare for their exams, click on this link: Peparing for Spring Exams - Google Docs. Here you will find videos and documents to help them organize and study effectively for their exams. Preparation is the best way to help keep their stress in check!!

End-of-Year Calendar

Monday, May 23rd

Seniors - No School

Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors - Full Day of Classes

Tuesday, May 24th

Exams, periods 1, 2 - 10:40 am dismissal

Wednesday, May 25th

Exams, periods 3, 456, 7 - Noon dismissal

Thursday, May 26th

Exams, periods 8, 9 - 10:40 am dismissal

Baccalaureate Mass - 7:00 pm

Friday, May 27th

Graduation - 7:00 pm

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Summer Camps

Don't forget to register for summer camps. Scan the code below for more information and to register.
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