🌼🌼AUGUST 1 , 2017🌼🌼


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Dear 4th Grade Students,

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and I hope you are as excited as I am to begin a new year at Merryhill Elementary School. I hope you have enjoyed your time off as much as I have with family trips, swimming at the pool, or just monkeying around at home.

I'll be so thrilled to see the hallways filled with your smiling faces in a few weeks. I have been busy unpacking boxes and setting up our new classroom. The beginning of school is an energetic time filled with connecting to friends, taking part in collaborative activities, and learning new skills. Together we will work as a team to help you be a successful, well-adjusted learner. Our curriculum is dynamic and I look forward to an amazing year working together and exploring with you.

All great explorers make sure they are prepared before starting out on any new journey. If you were planning a trip to the desert, you certainly would not forget water in your survival kit. Therefore, make sure you have everything ready as you embark on your own Fourth Grade journey. Please remember to bring along your smile, curiosity, and enthusiasm. I look forward to meeting your families during our Back-to-School Night on August 17th. In addition, I'll be patiently awaiting your arrival on Monday, August 14th. Let's make this year fabulous!

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