My Genius

My name is Cristina Acosta. My genius is always being the good friend. I stay away from drama but always defend and help my friends. Weather its needing money or advice I always help my friends out. I like to be helpful even with new people. Making friends is easy, keeping them is what’s hard. Even though I get stepped on or back stabbed I will not do the same. I can forgive and forget easily even though it is not always the right thing to do. Helping someone out always pays back either in respect or money. It feels good to help others out. I would want a friend or anybody to help me out in my times of need as well. I also help out my family a lot, I am known as the “go to girl”. Weather it’s babysitting, needing a ride, or cleaning I always help them out. Helping out is a nice thing to do and makes one feeling good about themselves after.

What Breaks My Heart

One thing that breaks my heart is bullying. When I was in elementary I learned to stay away from kids, I stuck to my sisters all the time. With them I felt protected. Bullying is very harmful to kids at any age. I was only bullied until I stood up for myself, every kid should learn to stick up for themselves at all time no matter how different they are. Embarrassing another kid can be emotional, mental, and depending on how you embarrass them it can be physical. Bullies only hurt others to make themselves feel more better, to make themselves look cool around other kids.

Abuse is another thing that breaks my heart. Not only animal abuse but also human. Whether it’s a boy abusing his girl, a mom abusing her children any type of abuse is pathetic. Not only does abuse break my heart it also makes me very mad. Nobody is better than anybody, nobody has more power than anybody. Seeing people beat up and depressed is not a good site, but many people ignore the obvious. When people let themselves be abuse is unacceptable also, these things to change. A mother abusing her child breaks my heart the most. Why have a child when they can’t even be good parents, they shouldn’t even have custody of their kids after the first hit.

My Deepest Fears

Losing my parents has got to be my deepest fear ever. I can never imagine my life without them. I don’t even like thinking about them not being around anymore. I grew up with a really close family. My parents are my heroes and will always be. Me without my parents is like not having enough strength to continue my life. My mom and dad give me hope and strength to go about my day, to get through the hard times. Thinking about my parents being gone makes me lose it, it’s something that breaks me. As a teenager I hated them, I was always mad at them because they would have us moving so much I never made any real friends, to me having friends was the most important. My parents showed me nothing matters more than family, that no one else will be there for me but family. My parents will do anything and everything to keep their kids happy and full of life.My parents were and never will be strict and many people judged us kids for saying we would become druggies and low lifes, but outta all the people who said that their kids came out llike that not me nor my siblings. My parents brought us here with absolutely nothing but hope for us, and ended up giving us more than just hope, they gave us opportunities.

Being a parent scares me so much. Will I be a good mom? Will I be a good influence? Will I make the right choices in how to raise my kids?These questions make me think about how difficult it will actually be.Nobody knows if they are a good parent or not, somehow you always feel like you are doing something wrong. Some parents are too strict thinking they have the greatest kids in the world, but strict parents raise the best liars. But parents who aren't strict at all end up having the kids that do drugs and are always out. I want my kids to have the relationship like i have with my parents. I want to be a good of a parents as mine. Although I will be a mommy as of October I feel like I won’t ever be ready. I am just grateful to have the support and people with a lot of experience helping me out.

My biggest Dreams

I have a big list of dreams I hope to accomplish by the time I die. My main dream would be traveling. I want to travel because I want to see other countries instead of just a new town or city. I would love to see other kind of people with completely different cultures and languages then mine. The main place I would like to travel is Brazil. If went to Brazil I would probably never come home. Another one of my big dreams is completing the career I want, and finding the right path to have a great life. Being a businesswoman would be great. I would be my own boss, since I am not very good with listening to people. I would love to make money on my own. Provide for my family, then leave my kids with the business after i’m old.

Completing my dreams is a big deal to me, but I know it will take a lot of time and work to accomplish them. Another big dream of mine is to make a change in someones life. Whether it is saving their lives, giving them opportunities, or just completely turning someone's life around. I don’t want to accomplish this dream for attention, but to just make myself feel better. I love to accomplish is to stop all abortions. Which I know is pretty much impossible to do so. In my eyes every child deserves a chance, no matter what.