Welcome to the Middle Colonies

We are so far the best colony.


Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey are apart of the Middle Colonies. On the left, are the Mountains. On the right, is the Atlantic Ocean which is good for fishing. There are a lot of hills but the land is mostly flat. Lot of acres of land available in the Middle colonies, but are mostly used for farming.


Political System


The Middle colony had legislators to make the laws. They lived in upper and lower houses. In the upper houses it had advisors and the lower houses had selective assemblies. The laws they made were to protect the citizens. If any governor who ignores the assembly will risk losing his or her salary.


Religions of the Middle Colonies

A lot of people settled in the Middle colonies and were attracted to the opportunity to practice their religion freely. The main religions were Jews, Catholics, and Protestants. It is a very good place for people who are really into their religion.

Daily Life and Kids

Daily life and Schools

We have private schools with small classes. Wealthy students would either go to a private school or hire a tutor to teach them. Only wealthy families could afford to educate their children. Children didn't have much ways to learn unless they had enough money to pay to educate their child.



African slaves were used for labor. One third of the population was made up of slaves. Made most of the Africans work on the farm to help planting and harvesting.