Week 3: Ballet & Chinese Fan Dance

We had a lot of fun in the studio this week learning more about Ballet with our instructor Jean Appolon. We also tried something new, learning about Chinese Fan Dance with Chu Ling! Check out some of the exciting moments we had in class this week!

This week in Ballet

Continuing to learn Ballet with Jean this week, students focused on their pliés and relevés in first and parallel.
Students in Studio 2 from Bates, Conley, Mozart, Henderson, Holmes, Murphy, Bradley, and Guild practice their positions with an accompaniment on the piano. Instructor Jean Appolon applauds their efforts with a "Bravo"!

This week in Dance Discovery: Chinese Fan Dancing

Our Dance Discovery lesson this week brought a lot of color to the studio! This week we learned about Chinese Fan Dance with Chu Ling of Chu Ling Dance Academy! Each student received a fan made of bright fabric and wood.

During the lesson, students followed Chu Lings movements as she encouraged them to smile!

If you want to learn more about folk or traditional Chinese dances, be sure to take a look at Chu Ling's website in her bio below!

Citydance week 3: Chinese Fan Dance
Students follow their instructor, Chu Ling, and learn how to move their fans to a recorded accompaniment of "Mo Li Hua" from Orchid 18, China Flower.

Meet our Team

Chu Ling

Chu Ling, a dancer and choreographer from China, is the founder and director of the Chu Ling Dance Academy. The Academy was founded in 1998, and moved to its permanent Boston studio in 2001. Chu Ling teaches many of the classes herself, and has also taught and performed at many other institutions in the greater Boston area, including Wellesley College, Boston University, and Harvard University.

The Chu Ling Dance Academy specializes in traditional Chinese dance, including folk, classical and minority dances. Classes are offered for all age levels, preschool through adult. Students from all backgrounds are welcome.

The Academy's primary goal is to help Asian children gain an appreciation for traditional Chinese art and culture, to expose the American public to Chinese culture through the medium, to use dance as a means of communication across cultures with the aim of achieving better cross-cultural understanding, and forging closer cross-cultural ties.

See you next week!

We're excited to continue learning Ballet with Jean next week, and we will be learning Hip Hop in Dance Discovery with Kara Fili!