Shelby Gordy's


Skill set

In this resume, I will be listing my skill set to apparently "sell myself" for a job, I wouldn't mind becoming an actress. Certainly with my skill set, since I based them around my dream job. I hope you choose me for whatever job or task that I can accomplish.

Large Vocabulary

I do have a wide range for a person my age, but I have learned that if you talk with your whole vocabulary, people tend to not understand. So I have learned to use my words for a proper crowd. I competed in a spelling bee once, after that year my school cancelled it, I came in third place. I was in second grade, so I was young, I heard "Docter" instead of "Doctor". The announcer had a southern accent, so that didn't help.


In total I have been in three school sponsored plays/musicals, this is middle school resume so school plays/musicals are a big deal, so please don't judge for mentioning my plays. My first role was the Mom in a musical, my second one was "Ms. Loftis 9th period" for a play, and my most recent was "Sneezy" in a Happily Ever After. So I have some experience with the brutal world of drama.


My Father said that when he was little he would build things out of cardboard boxes, instead of sitting down doing nothing, so I had to make something creative out of cardboard for my Dad. I ended up with a guy robot named Daniel, I liked Harry Potter a lot, and it held stuff for me. Then in science, we had to make a Rube Goldberg machine, my friends and I made a machine out of different things around the house. I believe I can be creative if I want.