By: Lizzie Worley

Coca Cola' impact

The headquarters of Coca Cola is in Atlanta Georgia. Coca Cola is a production of sodas but have other part of the products to help around the world. Coca Cola products are sold in over 200+ countries. The Coca-Cola Company is a founding partner of this World Economic Forum Community. There are a group of young leader who are called Global Shapers that want to develop their leadership skills towards serving the society.
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“Trash to Treasures”

In Kumasi, Ghana an estimated 40 tons of plastic waste are produced every day. “Trash to Treasures” rescues some of this plastic waste, which is wreaking environmental havoc, and converting this unwanted waster into environmentally-friendly products through upcycling.
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Jivann Jyot Sewing School

Jivann Jyot Sewing School set up by Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited in 2010 with the goal of creating an alternative source of income for women from the economically weaker sectors of society.