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January 11-16, 2016

Worth the Watch...

On the Road: Middle school football players execute life-changing play

from the Mayor-

Welcome back. Explore! planning will begin moving quickly and online enrollment will start in mid-February. One question we've received is "who is eligible to work"? Current elementary principals can work the first four week session but can not work the second four week session due to 2016/2017 administrative contracts. As a result, we will hire at least 19 aspiring elementary principals for the second four weeks. Please encourage strong teacher leaders to apply for Explore! site administrative positions.

The next Delta leadership meeting is at the end of January so please be thinking of potential agenda/hot button items.

Friendly reminder to please fill out my leadership effectiveness survey. I want your feedback on my performance.

With Star Wars fever in the air, I loved these 10 Star Wars posters for educators. Use them in your weekly newsletters:

Ever wonder what makes a tweet worthwhile. Here is some advice:

Senior/Elementary Leadership Team

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 9:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

Excited to see you at the Happiest Place on Earth...

Wisdom of the Hubb

As I visit classrooms, I typically look for anchor charts. I am not some weird former boat captain with a hankering for anchors. I’m sure you realize I’m talking about class charts, created by the teacher AND the students, that point out specific guidelines or behaviors for performing literacy, numeracy, content specific, or procedural task. These normally document the thinking processes related to a specific learning experience based on student need. They are usually created during a mini-lesson and are posted on the wall as a reference. For example, an anchor chart called “Strategies Good Readers Use” would have strategies discussed and used up to that point. Students and teachers can then refer to the chart as needed.

As we move to using digital resources and 1:1 technology, I’m noticing many teachers creating Google docs anchor charts. I think this is cray cray awesome! Now, it’s a document that can be updated throughout the year. However, it still serves as the “anchor” for learning practices and behaviors. It may be that the anchor chart on the wall is still needed, but at some point it could easily become a Google doc and free up wall space for other charts or pictures of cute cats asking if it’s Friday yet.

Having an anchor for student learning is so important. Having the means to revise those charts based on new learning, especially in a digital format, is really awesome. Just remember that anchor charts are most meaningful when they are created by the teacher AND the students. So, as you look around classroom walls, are you seeing anchor charts? If not, you might check Google docs. Or, you might want to take the opportunity to think of topics that relate to the needs of students, find a blueberry smelly marker, and start creating an anchor chart.

from J-

Thanks for all the effort that you made in putting your requests together for facility needs. Carol Embree and the GSC team that generally responds to the prioritization have included Mike, Julie and me as part of the discussion, which we greatly appreciate. This will allow a more complete picture of the priorities at each site, as well as for the District as a whole.

To this point, approximately $48 million in needs have been identified. Going into the 2016-17 fiscal year, we will have approximately $8 million set aside for these projects, with just over $5 million already identified for non-negotiable needs, such as boilers and roofs. That brings us down to $3 million to meet your needs. It is easy to see the need to prioritize.

The district is developing a long-range facility master plan. Many of your identified needs may fall within the scope and sequence of that process, and may be determined to be of greater or lesser priority based upon the outcome. Julie's and my goal and role is to help balance district must-dos while promoting site needs. This will be an ongoing process, and we will engage with you along the way, and will share out a bit more when we are together on Wednesday. Other topics on our Leadership Team agenda will include Explore, your contract (including when to take vacation time, etc), hiring timelines and FTE for your sites next year. Our roundtable discussions will be around the IGNiTE initiative from the principals perspective - this should be some great conversation and support.

The best part of each week, as usual, is visiting you and your sites. This week I will be in the Northeast quadrant- Truman, Robberson, Weller, Boyd. As we have a full day together Wednesday, that may be it with the other scheduled events. However, if you would like to visit specifically this week, please let me know.