2015 in Review

By: Lily Mowbray

Top 3 Fashion Companies

One of the top fashion brands of 2015 is Nike. It has nearly $31 billion in annual sales Nike has a huge selection of sports clothing, shoes, and accessories. Another top fashion brand is H&M. They have about $22 billion in annual sales. H&M is a clothing store with newest trends at affordable prices. The Last one is Kylie and Kendall's clothing line at Topshop. They have designed lots of trending outfits and have made a huge profit.

2 Best Fashion Products

The first product I chose which is sold a lot and is raved about. It is the Nars Weightless Foundation. It gives you the "no makeup" makeup look and is sold for $48. The second product I chose is the YSL lipstick. They are very pigmented and last all day. They are sold for $36. The product I chose for the worst fashion product are mid-skirts and dresses. I think these are a huge mistake in setting a good trend. I think a dress or a skirt should either be above the knee or maxi.

Top Movies

Pitch Perfect 2 definitely was one of my favorite movies of 2015. It just is so funny and i get a good laugh every time I watch it. Another one of my favorite movies is San Andreas. It is full of an adrenaline and just has such a happy ending. My last favorite movie of 2015 is Paper Towns. I love Cara Delevigne, she is just an amazing actress and just made the movie so good.

Top 2 Musical Artists

The first music artist is Justin Bieber. I think he is insanely attractive and is such an amazing singer. His songs are so catchy and i just adore him. The second top music artist is Drake. I think he is so talented and a lot of his songs hit top charts and are so catchy. I don't know how he does it bit he is just so talented.

Top 5 Clothing Brands

1. Nike

2. Ralph Lauren

3. Old Navy

4. Michael Kors

5. Coach

New Years Resolutions