Technology Class

By: Alexis Watson

Typing Web

  • I learned to type at a 6th grade level.
  • Each day in Technology, we would type for 5 min.
  • Keyboarding will help me life a lot.


  • We could make it about anything.
  • I learned how to use iMovie.
  • iMovie will help me in projects.
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Haiku Deck

  • I learned that Haiku Deck is a very helpful website.
  • Haiku Deck can do things other websites can't.
  • It helps when you need an idea.
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Explain Everything

  • You can record your voice, and record what your doing on the screen at the same time.
  • You can put what you did in Google Docs.
  • It will help you in Math Class.

Career Locker

  • It helps you find the career that you might do when your older
  • You will be happy when your older.
  • I learned you can have fun with it.


  • I learned how to make a game my own design.
  • You will have a laugh doing it because it makes funny sounds
  • You got to control something to make it go down the trail