Chillicothe R-II Mentoring Program


Welcome to Chillicothe R-2 School District!

Welcome to our district! We are excited to have you as a part of our team! Our mentoring program is multi-tiered to serve the needs of all new teachers, whether you are a first-year teacher, a second-year teacher, or a veteran teacher new to our district. Our program provides time for you to engage in systemic professional development and collaborative conversations in order to improve your instruction and relationships with your team, department, and administrator.

Mission and Vision of the Mentoring Program

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Overview and Introduction to the Mentoring Program

The first years of teaching are some of the most challenging years you will experience in your career as an educator. However, with structured, systematic, and sustained support throughout your first two years of teaching, those first years will also be your most valuable years of growth. The mentoring program at Chillicothe R-II is designed to provide you with a quality induction program through

  • workshop sessions specifically developed for Chillicothe R-II new teachers.
  • the opportunity to work directly with an experienced teacher as a consultant and colleague.
  • individual instructional coaching cycles with an experienced instructional coach.

Missouri Teaching Standards as our Focus

Throughout our professional development workshops, we will focus on Missouri Teaching Standards.

  • Classroom Management Techniques (5.1)
  • Management of Time, Space, Transitions, and Activities (5.2)
  • Developing Relationships with Students and Parents (5.3)
  • Using Instructional Strategies Leading to Student Problem Solving and Critical Thinking (4.1)
  • Using Appropriate Instructional Resources to Enhance Student Learning (4.2)
  • Using Technology and Communication Tools to Enhance Student Learning (6.4)
  • Monitoring Effect of Instruction on Individual and Class Learning (7.4)

Each standard is described below for the "developing teacher" level.

2018-2019 Program Participants

1st Year Mentoring Program

  • Nik Ferri/Billy Smith, Mentor
  • Alyssa Kapp/Will Ford, Mentor
  • Matthan Mrkvicka/Kathi Barnes, Mentor
  • Joey Rinehart/Nancy Thorne, Mentor

2nd Year Mentoring Program

  • None

3rd Year Mentoring Program

  • Fallon Howe

Teachers New to the District

  • Tim Rulo/Chad Smith (Department Buddy)
  • Brandi Fahrmeier/Ashley Hawkins (Team Teacher)
  • Mindy Kincade/Ashley Hawkins (Team Teacher)
  • Christin Dush/Annie Shipp (Department Buddy)
  • Bethany Tipton/Deb Brick (Department Buddy)
  • Amanda Williams/Katie Maples (Department Buddy)
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The Mentor's Role at a Glance

Your mentor teacher will play a critical role this year as a consultant, collaborator, and facilitator. Your mentor will offer support and provide resources, encourage growth, and facilitate your professional vision. Below are just a few of the tasks your mentor will assist you with throughout the school year.

Instructional Support
  • Model good teaching practices
  • Observe the new teacher teaching
  • Offer suggestions for improvement
  • Assist in lesson preparation

Professional Support
  • Assist the new teacher in learning and understanding district and building policies and procedures
  • Offer suggestions for developing relationships with administrators, students, colleagues, parents, and members of the community

Personal Support
  • Provide praise and encouragement
  • Establish a confidential professional relationship

Intensive Assistance
  • Assist in getting needed materials
  • Work with the new teacher to address classroom management issues

Liaison Roles
  • Introduce the new teacher to educational resources
  • Introduce the new teacher to colleagues
  • Foster a collaborative work environment
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Calendar for Professional Development Workshops

Half-day Professional Development Workshops

(Note: Each professional development workshop will be a half day and will be held from 8:00 AM-11:30 AM at Chillicothe High School in room B26.)

  • Thursday, September 6th * ** ***
  • Thursday, October 11th * ** *** ****
  • Thursday, November 8th *
  • Thursday, December 13th * (** optional)
  • Thursday, January 10th * ** ***
  • Tuesday, February 5th * (**optional)
  • Thursday, March 14th * ** *** ****

After-school Celebration

  • Monday, May 6th* ** *** ****

* 1st-Year Teacher Mentoring Program Participants with Mentors

** 2nd-Year Teacher Mentoring Program Participants with Mentors

***Teachers New to the District with Team Teachers/Buddy Teachers

**** Building Administrators

Upcoming Event: First Mentoring Workshop

Thursday, Sep. 6th, 8am

Hornet Road

Chillicothe, MO

Our first half-day workshop will be Thursday, September 6, 2018, from 8:00 AM-11:30 AM at Chillicothe High School. All first-year teachers, second-year teachers, and teachers new to the district who are enrolled in the mentoring program are to attend this workshop. In addition, all mentor/buddy teachers are to attend with their first-year teachers, second-year teachers, and teachers new to the district. This is a half day workshop, so please make arrangements to have a substitute for the first half of the day (8:00 AM-11:30 AM). Please bring your school-issued iPad, MacBook, or Chromebook with you!

(Attention High School Teachers: I will make arrangements with Mary Lou to get substitute coverage for all of the workshop dates! However, you will still need to create the absence in SISfin.)

If you have questions, please let me know!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Resources for the Beginning of the Year

Tips, Ideas, and More Resources

About the Chillicothe R-II District Mentoring Coach

Dr. Jill Watkins began her tenure in education in 1996. Throughout her career, Dr. Watkins has been a middle school and high school English Language Arts teacher, a secondary-level instructional coach, a secondary-level blended learning coach, a secondary-level teaching and learning coach, a district-level Instructional Technology Facilitator, a college-level instructor, and a middle-level assistant principal.

Dr. Watkins currently fills multiple roles in the Chillicothe R-II School District. Dr. Watkins is the Chillicothe High School Assistant Principal and A+ Coordinator. She also serves as the District Mentoring Coach for all first and second-year teachers as well as new teachers to the Chillicothe R-II School District, and she is the District's Professional Development Committee chair. In addition to her roles at Chillicothe R-II, Dr. Watkins serves on dissertation committees and is a dissertation editor for doctoral students enrolled in various universities across the nation.

Dr. Watkins is an avid reader, runner, and cyclist, and she enjoys spending time with her husband Wes and two dachshunds Pippa and Elsa.

Dr. Watkins earned a Bachelor of Science in English/Education from Missouri Western State University, a Masters of Education in Secondary Leadership and Administration from Northwest Missouri State University, an Educational Specialist in Superintendency from Northwest Missouri State University, and a Doctorate in Education from William Woods University.