The Savanna

By: Michelle Olson


  • The animals who live in the savanna migrate in dry season because the water run low.
  • The Savanna lies between deserts and equatorial forests.
  • In some places near the equator,there are two seasons: a wet season and a dry season.
  • Alot of different kinds of animals live there.

Maasai tribe

  • The Maasai tribe is the most famous tribe in Kenya, Tanzania.
  • They live in huts made out of mud.
  • Several families live together in a group of ten to twenty people.
  • Environmental concerns with the Savanna include poaching and over grazing.
  • The men of the tribe, in addition they are the tribes hunters and warriors.
  • The woman of the tribe make the houses, also the women are in charge of materials.


  • Elephants- Herbivores
  • Lions- Carnivores
  • Buffalo- Herbivores
  • Leopard- Carnivores
  • Rhino- Herbivores

Topographical features:

  • Atlas mountains
  • Sahel
  • Lake Tanganyika
  • Niger River
  • Congo River