You are now a Stella & Dot Stylist!

Hello to you and welcome to this amazeballs company...

I'm really excited that you have joined and just wanted to share a few things with you!

Firstly, it's to ask yourself what you would like to get out of Stella & Dot.

If you’re thinking about it from a financial point of view, is it a little extra spending money, an income to replace a full-time career, or something in between? Whatever it is, it is amazingly achievable, and the first amazing part of it is you, considering taking this leap of faith. It is very easy to earn a decent ‘hobby’ wage from this, but put in a little more time and you can earn a lot more money.

Fundamentally, what I’m saying is that how you make this work for you is entirely up to you. There are no penalties for taking this business and making it your own. You can fit it around your life and your family. You just have to work out what you want from it and how to make that happen.

I’m here to support you 100%. This means I need to know what you want out of it, because I never ever want to put any pressure on you by assuming you want more than you do, nor do I want to under-incentivise you by not realising that you’d like to shoot for the top. It’s early days for Stella & Dot in the UK, so you really can go all the way, if that’s what you want. And meanwhile, if you would rather be more of a style ambassador, doing the odd party for pin-money, it really takes very little effort and is a whole lot of fun.

So, ask me stuff, tell me stuff, plague me for info and borrow my jewels if we can workout logistics until your own displays are plumped up. I will always be happy to help in any way I can, as will the whole army of online Dazzlers and other Stella & Dot stylists on the Facebook pages.

Things to do now...

  1. Send website to all friends and use your excitement over your new business to talk to everyone - share on Facebook and Twitter too!!
  2. Order your labels – never give away any marketing material without your contact information on.
  3. You have seven days to order first jewellery –
  4. You have 14 days to make any returns
  5. 50% sampling comes into effect 7 days after signing up for 3 weeks!
  6. Have a read of the new stylist guide in the Lounge and lots of other training resources!
  7. Add a photo and personalise your website!


As you know, you signed up before the end of april, so you have an extra £75 of Product Credit to spend on your samples - so that’s £375, in all. To clarify, your samples are yours and yours forever. Nobody will ever come and take them back from you, and if something is ever discontinued, you can hold a sample sale and sell off your samples yourself, either to spend the money on something lovely for the family or to reinvest in whatever new collection is coming along.

In addition to your original £300/£375, you earn extra product credit during your first 60 days - called JUMPSTART...(there is a section in your reports about this), so it is worth trying to get a few shows booked in nice and early - PERFECT time of year for that. You will also earn product credit as you go along throughout your time with Stella & Dot, and EVERYTHING, both old and new, is available at 50% discount four times a year when new collections launch. You’ll be amazed how quickly you have loads of stuff.

My advice when choosing your samples:

a) Order only things which you love. You will be passionate and enthusiastic about showing them to people, and if they are discontinued at any point, you are left with a piece of jewellery that you love. Or that you can sell :D

b) Go for a range of gold and silver, a pop of colour, and variety of pieces. It sounds obvious, but it’s very easy to end up with a collection which is 75% bracelets if those are the things which you love the most.

c) Always check the lounge when considering investing in a piece. There are always lists of last month’s bestsellers, Product Alert (for things which are temporarily out of stock and when to expect them back in, plus things which are low in stock but coming back soon or low in stock and discontinued), and there is the retired list, which shows things which, once they go out of stock, whenever that might be, will be gone forever. You don’t want to invest heavily in a piece which is already listed as about to go out of stock, and that’s easily avoided.

d) Check the New Stylist Suggested Samples. It’s a really good selection of starter pieces. A lot of the work has been done for us, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Once you’ve looked at the suggested samples, if there’s something in there which you are not in love with, just swap it out for something else, but try to swap like for like, so that you still end up with the same good range and variety.

My own recommendations, which you must feel free to ignore entirely, are:

- A Renegade bracelet - any colour (rose gold, gold or white bronze)

- An arrison bracelet, an Amelie bracelet and an Inspiration bangle!

- A Tech Wallet -

- Nancy studs, De ja vu reversible studs or Sparkle studs

- Wishing bracelets

- Deco drops - a classic

- A simple chain and some charms, a Sommervel necklace & a Sutton

- Zoe lariat - a great one to demo in your Group Hello

- A scarf

Keep an eye out for...

Facebook Groups / Weekly emails

Stella & Dot has a great Facebook community and email updates which is very useful to keep connected and see what's going on. I've added you into a few groups - see below:

  • Stella & Dot UK Stylist Community - a national group. You need to be approved by Head Office to be added to this group, this should happen shortly
  • The Dazzlers - You are now part of the Dazzlers team and Denny Baxter-hill is the chief of this! This is a lovely group, everyone really looks out for each other and there are always prize draws for free jewellery and useful posts...so do keep a look out on it if you can -
  • The dazzlerettes which is everyone in my team and feel free to post to it!

NB: These groups are 'closed and private to the public' so no one on your FB feed will see what you are posting or viewing.

- Weekly Buzz – fab wekly email update from Head Office with everything you need to know

Get some shows booked in... and make use of your 60 day Jumpstart to earn product credit to help build your collection!

Write out your "who do you know lists" and contact people personally to ask if they can help you launch your new business!

So the main thing to focus on right now is booking Trunk Shows. Here are some initial bits and pieces to help with this:

    • The Hostess Rewards pdf. This explains what free things a hostess receives when achieving a 'qualified' Trunk Show i.e. a Trunk Show that achieves £300 of sales across 4 orders. This is good to send out to potential hostesses you are warming up
    • Social Mixology. This pdf is great to use with your Hostesses so they can plan out who they actually do know (more people than they think) to invite to a TS

    You will need this...

    Here are details of how to set up a "MYSTERY HOST" show - we can chat about the reasons for these!

    This is how you set one up:

    1. click create a trunkshow

    2. in the name write mystery hostess

    3. for the email address put your ID followed by dash and the date of the show in full and Stelladot.com for e.g.


    4. add the address of the show as normal

    5. add you mobile

    Why would you want to use this?

    1. if you do a pop up shop at an office and you pay for the table

    2. if you do an event for a charity and again they want cash for the pitch and a raffle prize

    For both the above you can then order the hostess gifts to your choice and select you home address as the delivery. You then get some more samples into your collection or you order some small pieces that you can use for team incentives, gifts or future raffle prizes

    OR you select mystery hostess because at the end of event someone there will draw a ticket that the organiser may have raffled and they win getting hostess rewards!

    Whatever your goal, include this in it: Be Here In A Year.

    If you can do that, and I know you can, you will at the very least have a nice little business ticking over and filling your life with joy. You will also probably have been to Hoopla, and met a couple of hundred like-minded people and had a great time!

    I’m looking forward to working with you!

    Big love,

    Jo xxxx