Domestic Violence

By: Malaika Zia

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What moves you to create social change?

Everyone thinks about social issues and recognized them, but it's up to you weather you actually do something or not. I think one great factor that contributes to me actually wanting to make a change or one thing that motivates me is my passion and interest in that certain topic. My topic is domestic violence. Since I'm a female myself I know that many girls and women of all ages experience it and go through it. Even at home that's supposed to be your safe place but for some it's their worse place to be. My hard feelings for the topic inspires me to actually want to do something.

Why is your topic important?

Domestic violence is a great issue today. Some may take it lightly but it's a great deal and I feel as if it doesn't get enough attention. The abuse can be anyone of any age or gender. We live in a world today that has evolved so much were in 2015 but it's still a huge issue today. Domestic violence is illegal. Nobody deserves to be abused. The abuse can be verbal, physical, or even emotional. It's not fair for anyone to go through and suffer. When abusers abuse close ones not only the victim suffers. For example if there is abuse going on in the family and the mom is being abused the children will most likely suffer too. They will witness the abuse and it will emotionally scar them. Often times the abuse moves on to the kids and they suffer and grow up with that type of environment. Abuse is abuse no matter what it doesn't matter if it's mild or extreme. It starts with mild and evolves to extreme sooner or later. The most manipulating part of it is when it's a close one. Often times the victim won't have the courage or will get trapped again with the abuser apologizing and the victim believing it will change.
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What makes you excited about the SAP? What makes you apprehensive about the SAP?

What makes me excited about the SAP is the feeling I get that I'm actually about to do something. Usually I would just think about an issue and say yeah its so sad, but this time once I take part in the actions I said I would take I actually feel like I've done something and have that feeling of accomplishment. One thing that makes me apprehensive about the SAP is the nervousness of others opinion. One of my actions is to go door to door and create awareness and do a fundraiser, I feel a little nervous or worried about how people are going to react. I want people to understand and help out to make a difference. I want my work to actually have an effect on the community doesn't matter if its huge or little, I just need to make some sort of a change.

What is your biggest hope in creating social change? How will you achieve this?

My biggest hope in creating social change is for people to understand the issue and actually do something about it. I want people to recognize and try to sympathize with the victims who actually go through the domestic violence. If we don't put a stop to it or make a difference it will spread and sooner or later you can be a victim. I will achieve this by actually creating attention towards the topic as if i feel there isn't enough attention brought upon it. By visiting a women's shelter and learning their points of view it will help have a better understanding and will motivate me more to go out and help victims in our community.

What actions have you already done? What is your plan moving forward?

Some actions I have already partaken in is creating some attention in social media by making an twitter page and starting off with some followers. People who have followed me on my social media account have had some information brought to them about the topic and has raised some awareness. My plan moving forward is to go out in the community and streets and help those women in need and volunteer. To help those women get over there pasts and start off fresh. I want every victim I can help who is suffering to recognize their situation and take an action.
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