VCR Lesson 3

by Reanna Brooks

Fill in the blank with the most appropiate word from lesson 3

The _______________ calculated the United States census and figured the population for 2010 was 308.7 million people.

The Word

demographer (n): one who studies the characteristics of populations and analyzes data such as numbers, births, deaths, diseases, and other vital statistics.

*derived from the demography: the study of statistics
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graphien- Greek - to write



*more words come from the study itself: population studies, anthropology, etc


*there are no direct antonyms


  • present in ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome
  • idea of analyzing a population first present in the writings of the philosophers Aristotle, Plato, and Hippocrates
  • first form of a demographic chart came from Natural and Political Observations Made upon the Bills of Mortality (1662) by John Graunt, who studied the number of children in London who died before their sixteenth birthday

choose the letter where the word in bold is used incorrectly

A. The demographer found in his studies that in the United States, most baptists were clustered in the southeast.
B. After the census was taken, the demographer found that the population had decreased by 30,000.
C. The demographer had never seen such a high infant mortality rate.
D. The demographer was sent on behalf of the country to fix relations with their King.

D- can be replaced with a word like ambassador.