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Term 2, Weeks 7.8 Edition, Volume 2022.2.7.8

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The Newsletter of Glendore Public School

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land.

We pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.

We recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of the Awabakal People.

We celebrate with and respect members of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations.

Where Everyone Can Succeed


This button links to the 2020 Annual School Report and 2021-2024 School Improvement Plan. 2021 Annual School Reports will be published statewide at the beginning of next term on our school website.

From Mr Khay

Dear Glendore Team,

  • It was a delight to catch up with many of the staff on Friday morning at the 'Good Luck/Baby/Happy Marriage Breakfast' for Mr McKenna, Miss Borrow, Mrs Buckley and Miss Bayliss this morning. Thank you to Ms McDowell and all who assisted. It was wonderful to see what a dedicated, collaborative team the Glendore staff are.
  • My recovery from shoulder surgery is progressing and arm mobility is increasing. I am grateful for the continued leave. During that time, my thoughts have regularly turned to the school and the challenges our community continues to face.
  • The last two and a half years have challenged us all in ways unprecedented: energy, resilience, health, and now it seems building, power, heating, transport and finances.
  • Thank you all for what you do to collaboratively work together. This is critical, so that we all may succeed, not at the expense of one another but collectively - I know the staff apply high levels of service above self in support of a vision for all in our community to succeed.
  • Late last week, I was asked to undertake a 6-month secondment to provide advice to the NSW Curriculum Reform Rollout Team. This is to be within the Learning Improvement Directorate during Semester Two, 2022. Our Callaghan Director of Educational Leadership has supported this request, and as such Mrs White and Miss Lewis will continue in their relieving roles as Relieving Principal/Relieving Deputy Principal.
  • This secondment is from 18th July – 20th December, and will see me working as part of a team to provide a school or 'on-the-ground' lens and advice, on how the reform could be rolled out for every NSW public school K-12. I will be working alongside a number of staff from Teacher Expert Networks and Curriculum Reform Committees, and will advocate for positive change with school communities at the forefront of my mind.
  • For the curriculum reform’s delivery to best succeed, it is critical that this voice that acknowledges the challenges and celebrates the endeavours of every educator and administration/educational support staff member in our current climate.
  • Glendore's School Plan and Budget are well-tuned. Our Executive are linked in well with our Director and external consultants. I am keeping in touch with them as well. We have our state significant tenders for the OOSH (225 places) and Playground/School Entry well underway. With COVID delays, these and the School Library projects will continue to be delivered over Semester Two. The Staff Library Hub will be coming online soon to support our growing staff.
  • I will continue to be around and if there is anything that can directly benefit Glendore from the curriculum rollout’s design, I will pass that on to our school.
  • Please take care and be that collaborative and aspirational community. Our staff, as in all schools and professions have been challenged by unprecedented levels of demand and challenges. This does impact on human resourcing. Enjoy your rest in two week’s time, after mid-year reports are issued - Thank you staff.
  • I look forward to being an advocate for you all with the NSW Curriculum Rollout, and to catching up with you at Glendore celebrations in Semester Two.
  • Thank you for what you all do collectively do for our children. Take care all, best wishes for the upcoming school holidays, and the semester ahead.

Yours in education,

Khalil Khay | School Principal | Glendore Public School | Awabakal Lands |

Curriculum Reform Information Links

  1. Home | NSW Curriculum Reform (
  2. Introduction | Teaching and Learning | NSW Curriculum | NSW Education Standards Authority
  3. NSW Curriculum Reform
  4. About the Reform (

From Mrs White

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

  • WOW! What an amazing Term 2.
  • In Week 7, our fantastic PSSA teams competed in their Gala days achieving outstanding results. Thank you, Mr Lawrence and Mrs Queenan.
  • In Week 8, K-6 were extremely lucky for beautiful weather to enjoy the mini sports days provided by Sports in Schools. Thank you, Mrs Houston, Miss Lindus, Mrs Biltris and Mr Howe.
  • Thank you for embracing and using the School Bytes online consent and payment. The office staff have made a request to help reduce unnecessary workloads and parents receiving unnecessary reminders, so the online form should be signed, and payment made all in the one transaction.
  • Students that have not paid, even though consent has been given, will not be able to attend the excursion/incursion.
  • Payment reminder emails are resent to parents/caregivers who have not paid.
  • Ms Bayliss will be taking two weeks leave to prepare for her upcoming wedding and will return in Term 3 as Mrs Peters.
  • Please be respectful of our local residents when parking around the school and mindful of parking signs especially in the pickup and drop off zone. Unfortunately, fines have been issued for approximately $400 and 3 demerit points.
  • Please advise the school if your child has COVID-19, Influenza A, or is a COVID-19 close contact or if you are going on holidays.
  • All parents should now have access to the Sentral Parent Portal APP and digital reports will be sent home using this App and attendance notifications are sent home daily.

Mrs Simone White School Principal (Rel) | Glendore Public School | Awabakal Lands |

Thank you for embracing and using the School Bytes online consent and payment. The office staff have made a request to help reduce unnecessary workloads and parents receiving unnecessary reminders. This process enables us to have correct information about who has paid and therefore avoiding unnecessary emails to be sent to parents

  • Please only sign the consent form if you are paying at the same time.
  • The office has to manually send emails if you haven’t paid but given consent.
  • The online form should be signed, and payment made in the one transaction.
  • The email link is available until midnight on the due date.
  • If paying later please do not sign the consent note.
  • If your child is not attending the excursion, please indicate No as early as possible. This can be due to appointments and planned holidays.
  • If you receive a reminder email, please read and respond as our records will have indicated that you have not paid and/or given consent.
  • Online payments can take up to three days before the school receives payment.
  • Please be aware that if no payment has been received your child is unable to attend the excursion/incursion.

  • Thank you to our Glendore community for following NSW Health and NSW DoE guidelines around COVID-19 and illnesses.
  • Parents of children who are well and able to attend school, must ensure their child attends school every day. Regular attendance at school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential.
  • On occasion, your child may need to be absent from school. Justified reasons for student absences may include:
  • being sick or having an infectious disease
  • having an unavoidable medical appointment
  • being required to attend a recognised religious holiday
  • exceptional or urgent family circumstances e.g. attending a funeral.
  • Parents must provide an explanation for absences to the school within 7 days from the first day of any period of absence. Where an explanation has not been received within the 7-day time frame, the absence will be recorded as unjustified on the student's schooling record.
  • Parents/Caregivers can explain their child’s absences on Sentral Parent Portal. This can be completed in advance of an absence, on the day of absence or within 7 days from the absence.
  • Thank you for your assistance with regular attendance at Glendore Public School.

  • We would like to inform you that versions 3 & 4 of the Sentral for Parents app will no longer be supported from Thursday 23rd June 2022.
  • According to records, our school has parents that are using older versions (3 & 4) of the Sentral for Parents app. To continue to access your child’s data you will need to update the app to the latest version by Thursday 23rd June.
  • After this date older versions of the app will no longer work.
  • Please note If parents are updating from version 3 or 4 to Version 5 they will be required to re-enter their login credentials.
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Parents/Caregivers Welcome

The following events are open to parents/caregivers

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Upcoming Events

N.B. Dates & Activities are correct at time of publishing, but could change. Thanks in advance for understanding!

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What's On at GPS

N.B. Dates & Activities are correct at time of publishing, but could change. Thanks in advance for understanding!

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  • In Term 3, afternoon supervision of students at ‘The Block’ (area outside Glendore Childcare Centre) will no longer occur.
  • Teachers will supervise students who have previously used ‘The Block’ in the ‘Commons’ area.
  • Parents/Caregivers are able to access the Commons from 2.30pm daily. Signing in is not required.

  • Our school is teaming up with Wonder Recycling Rewards again this year to help reduce soft plastic waste in our environment.
  • We are calling on our school community to help. Our collection box is in the front office, so start collecting!
  • Please see the images for more information or you can visit Welcome to Wonder | Wonder

  • Semester 1 Academic reports will be published to the Sentral Parent Portal in Term 2 Week 10. To access reports parents will need to have created an account. The portal can also be accessed from an app you can down load to your phone.
  • Please make sure your app is updated and your notifications are switched on.

  • Thanks to all the families who paid for the Yr 5 Day Camp at Pt Wolstoncroft. It will be an amazing experience for our students!
  • A SchoolBytes email was sent to all families who have paid with a link to the Department of Sport and Recreation Registration Form. It is essential that this is completed by parents/caregivers of all students attending to avoid a late fee from the Dept. of Sport & Rec. The information provided by families is essential for planning and safety. Thanks to the families who have already registered.
  • If you have paid for camp, and did not receive the email with the link, please contact the Office.

  • Thanks to all the families who have made the 2nd payment for the Yr 6 Canberra Excursion. It will be an wonderful experience for our students!
  • A SchoolBytes email was sent to all families who have paid with a link to the Registration Form. It is essential that this is completed by parents/caregivers of all students attending. The information provided by families is essential for planning and safety. It takes approximately 10 mins to complete. Thanks to the families who have already registered.
  • If you have paid for Canberra (installments), and did not receive the email with the link, please contact the Office.

  • NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth. You can support and get to know your local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities through activities and events held across the country.
  • NAIDOC Week will be celebrated at Glendore Public School in week 10 from Monday, 27 June to Friday, 1 July.
  • All parents and caregivers are invited to our GPS NAIDOC Week celebration gathering on Monday, 27 June from 9am, so please save the date!

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  • We would love your help with collecting any paperbark for NAIDOC Week activities.
  • Any paperbark can be given to your child’s class teacher in a plastic bag.

  • To celebrate NAIDOC Week students can wear colours of the Aboriginal and the Torres Strait Islander flags (black, yellow, red. White, blue and/or green)
  • This out of uniform day will be on Friday, 1st July.

  • Year 3 and 4 students will visit Tocal Homestead as part of their learning in History. Students will discover how people worked and lived in the past through hands-on activities and stories, at the same time developing an appreciation of a heritage site.
  • Students and teachers alike, enjoy a structured, engaging day on the heritage farm; exploring buildings, hearing stories and doing the chores of the past. They come away with an understanding of the lifestyle of a child their age living on an Australian farm 140 years ago.
  • Please make sure you at school at 8:00am on the day of your class excursion as buses departing at 8:15am sharp.
  • 4M and 4S- Tuesday 21st June
  • 4G and 4N- Wednesday 22nd June
  • 3K, 3A and 3N- Thursday 23rd June

  • On Friday 24th June, Children’s University passport holders will experience a day on campus at NUSpace in Newcastle.
  • Students will explore together the education and career possibilities relating to various faculty experiences.
  • Buses will leave school at approximately 8.45am and return to school at 2.30pm.
  • Students are to bring morning tea, lunch, and water.
  • Please be aware that there will be no opportunity to buy food and drink on the day.
  • Students are to wear school sports uniform with flat, comfortable, closed in shoes.
  • PASSPORTS: Students are encouraged to bring their passports as they will be presented with a sticker to place into their passports for learning that occurred across the day.
  • Classes have held their Spelling Bees and are ready for the stage final at our school later this term. The class representatives are
  • Stage 2 Finalists - Suad, Hannah, Mitchell, Payton, Hala, Sulaiman, Nixon, Erica, Lihan, Mason, Noah, Lily, Anushka and Brayden.
  • Stage 3 Finalists - Dempsey, Blake, Ashvine, Sayona, Isabella, Charlie, Imogen, Harry, Amelia, Jai, Vincent and Isabella.
  • Well done to all these students!

  • K-6 Athletics Carnival will take place Wednesday 29th June. The carnival is for all students in Kindergarten through to Year 6.
  • It will be held at Maitland Regional Athletics Centre.
  • Buses will leave school at approximately 8.45am and return to school at 2.30pm.
  • The excursion fee will be $15 per student to cover the bus and entry fee into the centre. Online permission and payments is via School Byes.
  • If you paid $14 last term for your child to attend, the $14 will be credited and you will only need to pay the remaining $1.

  • The Hunter Inter-Schools Primary Public Speaking Competition will be conducted in 2022.
  • The competition includes students from Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 levels.
  • Over the next few weeks, GPS students from K-6 will be participating in in-class speaking and listening assessments.
  • From these presentations, two students from each class will be selected by the classroom teacher to participate in a stage level public speaking competition early in Term 3.
  • Selected students will present their speech in front of their stage in the hall.
  • From this, two students from each stage will be selected to represent Glendore Public School at selected venues across the Hunter.

  • PSSA Netball Gala Day 2 at Cardiff was held last Friday. Although a little breezy, day was enjoyed by all players, with students from Years 4 and 6 demonstrating fantastic teamwork, respect and effort in all games played.
  • The Junior Team were successful in 3 of their games, only losing in the first game where they had to fight against the strong wind while trying to score a goal. The results were 0-5 (Wallsend South), 16-0 (Elermore Vale), 11-1 (Edgeworth) and 5-0 (Barnsley).
  • The Senior Team played superbly, winning all four of their games. The results were 15-11 (Wallsend South), 13-5 (Elermore Vale), 13-8 (Edgeworth) and 17-8 (Barnsley).
  • Thank you again to the parents for all their support with scoring, umpiring, and bringing sweet treats for the players. Also, thanks to Miss Town for being a great assistant coach.
  • The next Gala Day will be held on in Term 3 on Friday 5th August.

  • The first PSSA Gala Day for 2022 after our postponed round saw our Junior and Senior teams play four games against schools in the Crossroads Zone - Barnsley, Edgeworth, Elermore Vale and Cardiff South Schools on Friday 27th May.

  • Glendore’s Junior team played extremely well and were winners of all four games (1-0, 3-0, 4-0 and 3-0).
  • Our Senior team were very unlucky with their four games narrowly losing three of four games in the last 30 seconds of the game but came away with a respectable draw in their last game against Cardiff South (0-1, 0-2, 1-2 and 2-2).
  • Thanks also to the dedicated parents for all their support and to Mr Stewart for assisting throughout the day.
  • Mr Lawrence was impressed by the incredible effort, sportsmanship, and teamwork that all players demonstrated and is immensely proud of the boys.
  • The teams are continuing to train hard and are looking forward to our next gala day on Friday 5th August.

  • During week 7 our wonderful Sports House Captains along with our ministers were in charge of running a whole school wellbeing fun activity/mini fundraiser during lunchtimes.
  • Students from all grades enjoyed participating in the Soccer shootout testing their skills against our Year 5 and 6 leaders.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated who were well behaved and very encouraging and helping towards others.
  • Congratulations to our winners from each grade.
  • Kindergarten – Charlie
  • Year One – Louis
  • Year Two – Cody
  • Year Three – Bentley
  • Year Four - William
  • Year Five - Lara
  • Year 6 - Cooper

  • Everyone had a fantastic day on Tuesday 14th June at the K-2 Mini Sports Day.
  • There were many students who wore their favourite sports team colours and brought a gold coin donation.
  • K-2 students participated in a wide range of activities all while enjoying being outside in the sunshine.
  • Students loved wearing their favourite team shirt or team colours!
  • We raised $378.00
  • Thanks to our wonderful school community for the donations.
  • Congratulations to our four students who worked hard to build a solar car at Callaghan College Wallsend Campus for the last four weeks.
  • Today was an exciting day when the students raced other schools using their solar car designs.
  • Well done Glendore!.
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KB - Evie-Anna, Arlyn, Mesfer, Jack

KC - Delilah, Mohammed, Hope, Arham

KD - PJ, Amity, Charlie, Jess

KJ - Imogen, Ayden, Oliver, Bailey

KP - Jayda, Kirra, Verona, Elliott

1L - Piper, Hazel, Alfie, Elise

1M - Scalett, Ryker, Eliza, Olivia

1O - Emmett, Isabela, Samuel, Ceila

1P - Jett, Hudson, Teah, Charlotte

1R - Yahya, Jaxon, Annika, Isabelle

2M - William, Harrison, Leen, Vivianne

2E - Mia, Parker, Matisse, Issac

2S - Rhys, Emma, Judah, Hamza

2B - Thea, Paige, Wyatt, Riley

3A - Hannah, Daphne, Sam, Shaymaa

3K - Madison, Bentley, Flynn, Thna

3N - Lewis, Jace, Nash, Sulaiman

4G - Nixon, Evan, Erica, Ellie

4N - Jack, Charlize, Jagger, Teijan

4M - Cooper, Olivia, Sienna, Oliver

4S - Alex, Layla, Brax, Sophie

5A - James, Hayley, Charli, Emily

5B - Logan, Emma, Cruz, Jocelyn

5M - Zoey, Isabella, Caitlin, Max

6G - Harmoney, Luca, Imogen, Ollie

6L - Georgiana, Nate, Haylee, Emma

6T - Michael, Willow, Josiah, Kumbuka

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  • If your child is turning 5 on or before July 31, 2023 and you are interested in a possible Kindergarten enrolment, please complete the Kindergarten 2023 Enrolment Expression of Interest form to express your interest in enrolling your child for Kindergarten at Glendore Public School in 2023.
  • We hope the following information explains the enrolment process and outlines important dates and details within our Kindergarten Transition Program at Glendore Public School, a school whose vision is: "Where Everyone Can Succeed".

Documentation Required:
  • The following documentation is required to finalise enrolment and also explained in detail on our Kindergarten Enrolment Checklist. (See PDF below) Please ensure all documentation is included in your enrolment application prior to submitting it to the school office.
  • Application to Enrol -online or Click here to download printable version.
  • Proof of Residential Address (see below document listing 100pts supporting documentation requirements on Kindergarten Enrolment Checklist.)
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  • Now that most activities and events are back to normal we are going to reintroduce 'The Glendore Superstar' back into the newsletter and on Facebook.
  • If your child/children are involved in a very special event eg: State Touch football or receive bronze in Nationals etc then we would love to know.
  • Please email some photos and 100 words explaining why your child is a superstar and we will publish articles throughout the term.
Our Community

Glendore Public School doesn't promote any of these businesses/community events, We advertise to support the Glendore Community.

  • City of Newcastle is holding an official opening of the new playground located at Minmi Reserve (McInnes Street, Minmi) on Sunday 26th June from 10am to 12pm.
  • The event will feature a face painter, coffee cart and also skills activities. We would love all members of the school community to come down and join in on the fun!
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  • Enjoy a fabulous afternoon/evening with your girlfriends to raise much needed funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation!!
  • Tickets are only $30 per person!! Tickets are limited and selling quickly!!! DON’T MISS OUT!!!!
  • We will have 3 lucky door prizes, raffles, games, market stalls, grazing tables, sweets, tea, coffee, juice!
  • We will have a professional photographer donating her time on the night too! Huge thank you and shout out to Sarah Nash!!
  • All of our stall holders will be donating prizes for our raffle! Check out the link below for raffle prizes that we have collected so far! There are seriously some awesome prizes to win!!
  • Hit the link in the event below to purchase your ticket!!! Can’t wait to see you there with my new pink hair!!
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  • Many thanks to our P&C volunteers who invoice and pack our uniforms for our families.
  • Unfortunately, they do not have a physical shop for the collection of uniforms. Please disregard the due date on your invoice and allow 21 days for delivery from the supplier should items not be in stock at time of ordering.
  • The orders will be filled by our P&C volunteers on a regular basis and items delivered to your child's classroom.
  • When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community.
  • Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform to make sure it:
  1. meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation.
  2. includes items that are affordable, comfortable and -made from easy-care and easy-wear fabrics.
  3. is appropriate for the full range of school activities.
  4. is suitable for all body shapes.
Who should you reach out to?
Information located on our online sites should assist.

If not, please contact the school office to make a time to:
  1. a) Talk to your child's classroom or support teacher if education related, or
  2. b) Talk to our Office team if related to school administration, or
  3. c) Email the P&C if it is a Uniform-related item. When you do reach out, please leave some information as to the nature of your inquiry as this will better enable us to support you;
  4. If you cannot resolve your query at this level, please reach out via our office to make contact with one of the School Executive. This includes your child's Assistant Principal or possibly our School Administration Manager.
  5. If you are unable to resolve your queries or concerns at this stage, you may wish to contact our Deputy Principal and in some cases, e.g. Canteen, our Business Manager.
  6. Should you need further support and have been unable to move to a resolution, please reach out via our School Office to make time to connect with the School Principal.
School Security Unit and Police NSW Contact Details

Please contact 1300 88 00 21 (School Security) and 4926 6599 (Waratah Police) if you see unauthorised students, youths and/or adults onsite.