The 'New Normal?!'

Headteacher Newsletter - Monday 29th June 2020

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Dear all,

I've heard lots of new phrases recently and some, in truth can become a little tedious; 'A New Normal?!' I'm not quite sure what normal actually means or relates to. However, if 'New Normal' means being able to adapt, find the positives, and continually move forward, I'm pleased to say the children, staff, parents and community of Crawford's have 'Got this!'

Despite the challenges and understandable angst with a return to school for many, I am extremely proud to announce that, as of next week (from Monday 29th June), we will have 40% of our pupils back in school (some on a part time basis). This would most certainly have not been possible if not for our wonderful administration team of Mrs Barber and Mrs Smith, and all the staff whether present or at home (teaching, planning, training or working on projects). They have provided an environment that is befitting for something I could have only dreamt of a few months ago. As a result of this, the children have been enjoying regular forest, woodland experiences, creative projects, active challenges and ongoing social interactions, which have all supported the children's personal development skills.

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Phase Update

We are currently in Phase 3 which means we have key worker and vulnerable (KWV) pupils, YR, Y1 and Y6 on site. All being well, we hope to move to Phase 4 soon. Phase 4 is YR and Y1 in together on Mondays and Tuesdays, with Y5 and Y6 in together on Thursdays and Fridays. There will still be daily provision for KWV. All eligible families will receive a weekly email with a Google Form to complete. We ask that you respond to this email, even if you are not intending to send your child to school that week, as we need to submit data to government giving reasons why pupils are not in school.

Once you have requested a place back at school, please assume you have it unless you hear from the school that we don't have capacity.

Returning to school

When your child returns to school, please be aware that the current procedures are very much as described in the risk assessment (see below):

- There is a 1 way system in operation at the gate; enter via the back gate gate and leave by the front gate please;

- Please wait with your child on the front playground in the morning until there is a member of staff present. Cone markers are used for 2m distancing;

- Please only send them in with a packed lunch box (if they are having one) and a named water bottle; check that they bring both of these home at the end of the day;

- No bags or other equipment to be brought in please;

- Uniform is encouraged but we ask that children wear a clean set of clothes every day, so the uniform rules are relaxed at this time. Sun hats and sunscreen are recommended; please use 'once a day' sunscreen at home if your child is unable to apply their own;

- At pickup, you are welcome to enter the school premises and wait on the playground as this alleviates any gathering outside the back gate.

Key/critical worker status

We are regularly contacting all the parents/carers who have informed us that they are key workers, in order to offer provision at the school. If you didn't originally inform us of your key worker status, but would now like to take up a school place, please inform the office.