Assessment Update #3

February 6, 2014

Hello! I just wanted to touch base and give some updated information on assessments. Below you will find:
  • General overview
  • How to access PRACTICE tests (this is new!)
  • Known issues we have seen with formatives and a few solutions.
  • Important dates
  • Important links

KITE Links:

Kite Educator Portal:

NOTE: The state will be making updates to the teacher portal on February 7.

Kite Student Portal:

2014 CETE Developed Tests

As you know, Kansas has moved away from Smarter Balance testing and moved forward with CETE. CETE will create the future state assessments for Kansas. The positives from this are:
  • they will be aligned to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (KCCRS)
  • Kansas will retain sole ownership of all student data

For 2014:

  • Limited Formatives available
  • Formatives are using sample items this year and not a good predictor of the test
  • Scores will not be banked and no cut scores created until next year
  • Limited results
  • Machine Scorable items only
  • No performance tasks
  • No Writing Prompts
  • No listening items (this does not include text to speech capabilities)
  • Tests will be in 2 parts (approximately 45 minutes each)
  • States are mandated by the Federal Government to give an assessment each year

Practice Tests (Different from Formatives)

PRACTICE TESTS: These are created to give students practice using tools and navigating different question styles (drag/drop for sequence, etc.) There is one practice test available for each building level. Questions will be from a variety of subject areas, and not necessarily at grade level. The purpose is solely to expose students to the available tools and question styles. This is necessary to expose students to all aspects of question types, but only needs to be done by one teacher per grade level.


  1. Students go to the STUDENT KITE PORTAL:
  2. Students will log in with the following building appropriate username and password:

ELEMENTARY (Grades 3 and 4)
  • Username: practice.elem.demo
  • Password: job85


  • Username: practice.middle.demo
  • Password: send8


  • practice.high.demo
  • Password: sake2


The students are finally showing up for all three buildings. By now, I have visited with most of you (or set up a time to meet) in order to walk through the KITE teacher portal and formatives. If I haven't and you have questions, please let me know. I have focused mostly on those giving Math, ELA and the DLM at this point since there are no science formatives available.

Remember, the formatives THIS YEAR are mostly sample questions and may not be a good predictor or performance on the actual assessment. This should improve next year. If you have questions, please contact me. I definitely do not have all of the answers, especially since things are still changing on a day to day basis (including deadlines,) but I will help any way I can. :)

Important items about formatives:

  • Currently there are no formatives available for science (Don't know if there will be this year)
  • Students will have accounts that use the same username and password each time. You will be assigning formatives to them and they will appear when they log in. There are no unique formative passwords this year.

Known Issues!

Here are a few of the issues that have come up during formatives. I am sure there will be more! I just want you to be aware that these are issues and not to panic. I really think this is more of a BETA test for the state department than for us. You can submit issues that you have on this form: This will help me to keep track of known issues and inform the state about them.

KNOWN ISSUES and a few solutions:

  • Shortcuts to the home screen do not work consistently. Teachers will need to email the student portal link to their students. Have students BOOKMARK this, shortcuts aren't reliable and will sometimes freeze.
  • Students will be able to move around to new tabs in Safari when taking assessments on the iPad this year. Teachers will need to be mobile and monitoring to discourage this. The state is working on an app to use for assessment, but it will not ready to go this year.
  • Students can't enter the test. The student logs in but can't enter the formative. This happens if a student's iPad has privacy settings enabled. This can be changed fairly easily, right from Safari. IF YOU HAVE ISSUES, try the following: Click at the top of the Safari browser screen and when the keyboard pops up, you will see the word "Privacy" in the top left section of their keyboard. Click that to turn it off and then refresh the browser. You can tell the privacy setting has been activiated because the student background in Safari will be black (in privacy mode) instead of white.
  • Some questions on the formative may not work or allow a student to what you can to move on through the test if possible.
  • If a student uses the striker tool to strike out an answer and leaves that question, the items they struck out will not hold if they return. The state is aware of this issue.
  • Once a formative has been created or assigned, there is no way to delete it. Student will have to open it and end the formative for it to disappear from their screen.

PNP: What is it?

PNP stands for Personal Needs Profile. These are set up for students to change the settings and delivery of tests to match a students learning needs. Some of these changes can only be done if there is an individual student plan in place (IEP or SIT). For a student to receive an accommodation, it must be necessary that they receive the accommodation "all the time". If a student truly NEEDS the accommodation, the state feels then they must receive it on a continual basis. Crystal and I have entered those items for the students who qualify for them.

Looking Ahead.....

Looking forward....what does the future hold?

  • ELA/MATH: 2014-15: Baseline Scores will be determined from this assessment. New and improved items including technology enhanced items and more adaptive features will be available. 2015-16: May see performance based items that will need to be scored by hand.
  • ELA: CETE is proposing that there only need to be one reading performance task and writing response captured on the ELA test itself, and the other writing tasks will be featured and measured as part of the science and history/government assessments.
  • HISTORY/GOVERNMENT: 2014-15: Field Test for new standards. 2015-16: New assessment will be administered.
  • SCIENCE: 2014-15 New assessments/Same Grade Levels, using only items that apply to the Next Generation Science Standards. 2015-16 Grade levels assessed will change to 5th, 8th and 11th.
  • CETE is proposing a STAGE ADAPTIVE TEST rather than an item adaptive test beginning in 2015-16. What this means is that students will be moved through a test by levels according to how they answer a group of questions (stages) rather than on a question by question basis. This will take some time to create the many different questions that are needed for this type of test, but should allow us to see growth for a student from year to year.

Important Dates!!

Remember dates and deadlines have been changing......we will keep you posted to any changes.

FEB 10: State will be updating the KITE Educator Portal

March 10-May 2: Assessment Testing Window for ELA, Math, and Science

  • March 10 and 11th: 3rd Grade ELA, 4th Grade ELA
  • March 12 and 13th: 3rd Grade Math, 8th Grade ELA
  • March 26 and 27th: 7th Grade ELA
  • April 2 and 3rd: PHS Math Assessment
  • April 23 and 24th: PHS ELA Assessment
  • April 29th: PHS Science Assessment

NOTE: Still needing dates for 4th Grade Math and Science, 5/6 ELA and Math, 7/8 Math, 7th Science. You can submit these by using this form:

DLM DATES: (Dynamic Learning Maps for specified students)

FEB 14: DLM First Contact, PNP, and Training Module must be completed

FEB 17-28: DLM Field Test #1

MARCH 7-APRIL 11: DLM Field Test #2

MAY 1-End of School: DLM Field Test #3


KITE Educator Portal:

NOTE: The state will be making updates to the teacher portal on February 7.

KITE Student Portal:

Google Drive Folder with KITE instructions: (You should have received an email with the following link)

Formative Feedback Form:

DLM Field Test #1 Information Page and Resources (SPED):

Form for Submitting Testing Dates:

New York's Common Core Aligned Curriculum Site

I have been told that there are some great resources on NY's site that have Common Core aligned units. Go to:



Mitzi Weinman


Crystal Laurin