Interactive Corkboards

Posting Stickies in the Classroom

Linoit Website and App

Examples of Corkboards

Click here to see the corkboard we've done in class.

Dr. Seuss Corkboard Example

Homophone Corkboard Example

Get Started!

Set up a Free account. Create a new board then copy the link to your corkboard to a website the students can access it or just set up a netbook for them to share. Then they pick a sticky and write. You can have as many boards as you want. Set one up for each of your guided reading groups or for each subject. You can save or clear boards for the next class.

Now What?

Get Inspired!

Ticket out the Door

Write the question on your post it

The students respond on theirs adding their name to the bottom

Instant Formative Assessment!

Share and Discuss the next Lesson

Book Talk

Yellow Notes = Connections

Blue Notes = Characters

Yellow Notes = Vocabulary

Pink Notes = Questions or Predictions

Green Notes = Summary


Word Splash

Parking Lot

During the lesson or presentation post questions

(Great for Back to School Night!)

Parts of Speech

Assign colors, students write examples, then sort together