Patty's Transition meeting

A letter to address any concerns regarding the meeting

What is the objective of a transition meeting?

Now that Patty is in Grade 8 we will be having a transition meeting to develop Patty’s goals for when she attends High School this upcoming September. We will be meeting as a collaborative team to put together an action plan to implement Patty’s future goals, discuss resources, support and curriculum options that are available to support Patty in her goals and define a timeline.

What/who is available to assist with the transition?

We invite you, as Patty’s parents, to attend this meeting in a supporting role. Your role may include, ensuring Patty is comfortable with the upcoming transition, assist Patty in advocating for herself with the team, contribute to the development of Patty’s goals and the action plan to implement her goals.

I will be attending (in the role of School Principal), Also I have invited Patty’s homeroom teacher and other subject teachers, the school Learning Resource teacher, Patty’s Educational Assistant, her speech language pathologist, her work experience coordinator, the Learning Resource teacher from her designated high school, her future guidance counselor, and the High School Vice Principal over Special needs students.

What is the Process?

We will sit down and determine Patty’s goal of working toward a specific workplace placement. We will define an action plan that will achieve this goal that may include cooperative education opportunities. We will outline all the resources and support available to Patty. We will define a time-line for each year of her High School career in working toward her set goal(s).

What are the roles and responsibilities at the school meeting and/or beyond?

Our role and responsibility is helping Patty to have a smooth transition to further education (High School) and on to the workplace. We will work collaboratively to develop realistic SMART goals to help Patty achieve a continuity in her education that will help her to find continued success and positive social interactions with her peers.

How will it help prepare for the future?

This transition plan is working toward future transitions Patty will experience. As she transitions from Elementary School to High School, to Support Programs, and eventual workplace placement(s). She will follow the same pattern of planning for each transition.

A message from the Principal

Thank you for the opportunity I have had to be a part of Patty’s elementary experience and included in this transition team to help her to continue to grow and succeed in her future High School experience.

Please contact me with any questions/concerns and we look forward to meeting with you at the upcoming transition meeting.

Resources used to collect this information and available for further information

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