HMS Guidance Programs

Lions Quest

What is Lions Quest? Each week HMS students and teachers participate in a Lions Quest lesson and activity. Through these lessons students learn positive social skills to apply in their lives. Below is information from the Lions Quest web site. Please click on the link and find out more information about The Lions organization and Lions Quest.

Since 1917, Lions Clubs International has embraced the dream of its founder, Melvin Jones, and worked for the betterment of local communities and the world at large. Whether responding when disaster strikes, helping the disabled face obstacles and challenges or providing children with a safe and healthy learning environment, Lions Clubs International members are there to serve.

It is this dedication and commitment to service that has made Lions Clubs International the world’s largest service organization with 1.35 million members in 208 countries and geographic areas.

More than 30 years ago, Lions embraced the idea of comprehensive youth development to help children grow in a positive direction, free from the dangers of drugs and violence and able to make positive decisions. Lions made a commitment to further the development of the Lions Quest program, and continue to support the program financially and with volunteer labor throughout the world.

Counselor Guidance Lessons

Counselors will be in classrooms Each six weeks going over:

  • Career Cruising
  • Community Service hours
  • learning styles
  • goals
  • social media safety
  • reinforcing tips for successful student

Hawk Prides

Students can earn hawk prides for exhibiting exceptional character qualities. Staff members are looking for students who are prepared, responsible, exhibiting integrity, dedication and excellence not only as a student but as a citizen of our school.