The "Hudson's Bay Company"

By: Taylor and Stacy


The Hudson Bay Company first started in the 1670s it went until the 1990s. You are going to learn more about the company its self. We are going to present some of our research and facts during this presentation. We hope you enjoy.

“what did the Hudson’s Bay Company usually trade furs?”

Our first question is “what did the Hudson’s Bay Company usually trade?” well the Hudson’s bay Company usually traded furs for manufactured goods. Those items consist of: knives, kettles, beads, needles, and blankets. As you can tell these are items that people use in daily life. So that is what the Hudson’s Bay Company usually traded for furs.

" did Des Grosillers did in fact have a wife and kids"

Our second question did "Des Grosillers did in fact have a wife and kids “. His first wife was a young widow named Helene; they had a son together named Medard. Sadly in the early 1650’s Helene had died. He married again to a girl named Maguire. They had two sons together. The names of the boys are Gullaume and Etienne, and Radisson did not have kids or a wife, in other words he was living the single life. So thank you Des Grosillers for taking time away for your family to help develop the HBC Company.

“where was the company based"

Our third question we wanted to find out was “where was the company based”. The company’s base was actually in Rupert’s land. Rupert’s land was 7 777 000km. Radisson and Des Grosillers picked Rupert’s land because it was enriched with furs. That is where the HBC was based.

“how did a post and the business operate"

The fourth question we wanted to find out was “how did a post and the business operate. The governor and committee had to elect one person to take care of the company. Every post is operated by a chief or a officer. They also hire other men to help. That was indeed how the company operated.


This report has told you about many things like: what did they trade, did the creators have family, where the company’s base was, and finally how did the business operate. I hope it helped. Thank you for listening about the HBC we hope you enjoyed. Do you ever wonder how many employees the Hudson’s bay company had back in the day because I bet there was a ton.

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