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New English Syllabus at North Nowra Public School

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Welcome to Literacy Links!
Literacy Links is an electronic update for teachers at North Nowra Public School informing on upcoming professional learning for the new syllabusses at our school, relevant websites and links to teaching resources.

Update on Implementation of new English Syllabus at NNPS

On Tuesday 25th June, Stage 1 will be on RFF for the day to develop a scope and sequence for the new English syllabus for a year (both odd and even years). The work developed on the day will be a model for other stages to develop their scope and sequences. Prior to this date, the committee that has been providing professional development for the new syllabus will meet to plan the next 'Super Six' comprehension strategy to be introduced to staff and also create an action plan for the implementation for the new English Syllabus.

English Texts with Links

This teacher librarian has created links for the BOS suggested texts list. Click on the titles of the texts to go to related websites and teacher resources.

Multimodal Texts

This Smore Newsletter has good examples of student work that demonstrates use of multimodal texts.

Picture Books and Mathematics

One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab is a picture book that encourages students to think and reason mathematically. This book is now an e-book.

There are many resources already created for this book. K/1G has been using 'Thinkboards' to practise combinations to 10 and 20 using this book as a stimulus. Kids love it.

Join the SRLC Maths edmodo group Julie Gardner set up to find examples of 'Thinkboards'. The code to join this group is 6h1k0e

See this site for activities related to this book.

Sharlene Dilley has been creating Mathematical activities through literature with the book '365 Penguins'. Talk to Sharlene about making multiplication fun.

The Literacy Shed

A website that has gained popularity with teachers persuing mulitmodal texts is the Literacy Shed. The links on the side include 'The Thinking Shed'. Currently there is a story called 'Seeking Refuge' which could be a stimulus for multicultural speaking topics.