My life in pictures

my life in pictures

This is the story of my schooling, through sixth to now.

Sixth grade

In sixth Grade i was in Harmony Science academy. We took a lot of cool trips. once i went to Huston to watch a Turkish festival. There were dancers and singers.

seventh Grade

I moved in 7th grade to South padre Island. It was a nice school i had to wear a uniform,which i was used to. However I was not prepared for the people. I had to learn spanish, and i knew absolutely no one. but i did alright and ended up really loved it.

eighth grade

I loved eighth grade! I had really cool teachers, and i did good in my classes. At the end of the year all the eighth graders from all three schools go to Schlitterbauhn which is a water park on the island. It was my first time going to schlitterbauhn, and it was awesome.

freshman year

Freshman year was pretty cool. i loved my Biology teacher Mr. Trevino. All freshman had a school to ourselves called United Freshman campus, so I knew everyone. Freshman year was when i realized i wasn't as awful in math as i had thought i was.

Tenth grade

Tenth grade has been the most interesting year. I went to Los fresnos highschool for the first semester and I started slacking so I started getting in trouble. So my Father told my mom that he wanted me to leave south Texas and move in with him in Commerce. So i left my friends and moved, and i actually love it up here i missed north Texas a lot.