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How would you like to have your songs played live on free2live2 internet radio?

Free2live2 is looking for songs to play for..FREE!


  1. Need 3 tracks (5min max)
  2. Dont play any songs that is swearing, sex slang or downgrading people
  3. Must me MP3 format only
  4. You can add commercial advert in your songs (Max 2 min)

Type of songs we are looking for:

  1. Urban jazz
  2. Solo
  3. Hip hop
  4. Reggae
  5. Gospel
  6. Every day struggle/freedom songs

If you wish to add commercial advert in your songs (Max 2 min)

Important notice

When sending email please state clear you name with contact details.And the name of each songs.

* Important notice: Any songs that we feel are not suitable for our shows will not be played. i,e poor sound quality, or dont fit the criteria of our show.So please do consider this before you send them to us.

Great..were do I send them?

Email it to:

Please do feel free to forward this onto other artists or bands

Trevor Carter ( Free2live2 Radio Host)

I look forward receiving your songs.You can go my radio website at