Spring 2015 Newsletter

Mrs. Alfaro ELL

Trees and Fruit

After learning about the fruit and nuts that grow on trees, as well as all the tasty treats we can make from them, we finished our lesson with cherry pie! It was the first time many of our group members has ever tasted cherry pie.

1st and 2nd Graders Tasting Cherry Pie


We continue working on our sight words. At the end of kindergarten we will have learned 38 sight words!! We see these words in the books we read and we try our best to spell them in our writing. We are also doing very well at using our strategies to write and read new words. We have come so far this year!

Reader's Theater

Bear Cub Comes Home

Emily Carbajal: Baby Bear

Ana Carbajal: Narrator, Fox and Pig

Sunny Chen: Mama Bear, Fish and Bird


3rd and 4th grade Reader's Theater Cast