Amphibians Evolving to Reptiles

By: Tara Crumpton

Description of Fossil Records

Fossils of the normal fish we see today were found from the water, but as they started to evolve, so did the fossils. scientists found fossils of fish merging in to reptiles, with legs and bone structure that was very similar. These fossils were knows as Hynerpeton, which weren't full reptiles yet but were getting close. as the years went on, scientists discovered the fossils of a full reptile that seemed to have the same characteristics of the amphibian before that animal, but evolved. this fossil found is knows as Erypous, which are first reptiles from amphibians.

organism transitions:

Panderichthys (amphibian) ---> Tiktaalik ---> Elginerpeton ---> Ventastega ---> Acanthostega ---> Ichyothstega ---> Hynerpeton ---> Tulerpeton ---> Pederpes ---> Eryops (first reptile)

where the fish and reptiles originated from

Fish started their evolutionary process about 530 million years ago. later, fish started evolving in to four-legged, air breathing reptiles. Tetrapods were first found from Lobe-finned fish in the coastal waters of middle Devonian.