Solar Panel Project

By, Anika, Binivaa, Annie, and Samantha

Do you want to know how to save energy?


~ Solar panels help save electricity because instead of using electrical energy you can use the sun to get electricity.

~ You can use electromagnetic energy from the sun.

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Who will install the solar panels?

~ A company called Solarcity is going to install our solar panels.

~ It will take Solarcity about one to two weeks to install the solar panels.

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What is the cost for the solar panels?

~ As you can see below the cost for the solar panels is 769.00 each two pack.
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How to care for solar panels?

~ Solar panels don't take that much maintenance but you need to make sure that you don't get any grime, bird poop or diet on it because that can block the sun from the solar panels.
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Who do we get permission from?

~We will get permission from not just from Mrs. Frose but from the coppell independent school district.

Factual Information

~Solar Panels saves electrical energy and uses electromagnetic energy from the suns rays.

~Solar Panels are really expensive, but the electrical bills for the whole years cost more than the solar panels.

~Solar Panels are a great alternative for electricity.

~We found a 265-Watt Mono-Crystilline Solar Panel (2-Pack). It costs $769.00 for the 2 pack. We think this is a great deal because the total cost is $404,994.00 and it really helps that the solar panels come in 2-Packs.

~We will ask for grants from Coppellisd.

~SolarCity is going to install our solar panels because the company is specifically made for solar panels.

How Solar Energy Panels Work

The cost

  • It will cost a lot for the panels but it will take some money off of your electricity bill.
  • The average of the electricity bill of this school is $107,401.23 dollars for the year of 2013 to 2014.
  • The cost of 769 solar panels is $404,494 dollars, yes it cost a lot but it will be saving about $157,365.12 dollars.

Pros and Cons

We picked solar panels because we are spending way too much money every month! Solar panels are beneficial for our school because we will use less electricity and energy. I think it will be worth getting solar panel installed because it will not hurt our school and waste energy.


  • renewable
  • can last up to 40 years
  • environmental friendly
  • low maintenance

  • space is needed
  • the solar panels are expensive