Trepa Times

Week five

Early Release

Don't forget that we have an early release on Wednesday. Students will be coming to your rooms right at 8:10. We also follow the early release schedule shared earlier. This early release is designated as grade level time. Mike should be sending out information soon.

Homecoming Parade

The homecoming parade is this Thursday. We allow all fifth graders to walk that wish to walk. Therefore, I need some help! We assemble at 5:30 at the same park we had our back to school bash at and the parade starts at 6:00. It's all done by 7:00, as that is when the festivities begin in the stadium. Please let me know if you plan to walk with us. It would be nice to have a large contingency of staff representing our school.

Professional Learning Plans

It's that time already! If you are a Tier II teacher, then you must complete a professional learning plan by October 1st. I will send out the paperwork you need to fill out through the bulletin board on Monday. Tier II years one and two staff will have a particular form to fill out, but if you are on your portfolio year (summative) it is a different form. I will indicate which is which in my email on Monday. Tier I teachers are exempt from having to complete these plans.

If you are on years one or two (Tier II), then you do not have to set up a time to meet with me. You just need to turn in your plan to me. Of course, if you'd like to meet, I'm always up for an opportunity to share ideas!

If this is your portfolio year, you do need to set up a time to meet with me prior to October 1st. Please plan on 20 minutes for the meeting time. You can do this through Cathy Weis or myself.

PBIS information

In the previous edition of the Trepa Times, I shared that the PBIS team needed your help. We are still looking for a name for the new monthly award we plan to hand out. Since we are meeting this Thursday morning, it would be fantastic if you would share your ideas prior to our meeting time!

Don't forget that we are to walk our classes all the way to the café after school. We have had some students meeting siblings (or trying to) at their classrooms, because they aren't sure if the class has left yet or not. They wouldn't be able to do this if their teacher was walking them to the café. We also have students interacting with classes that have teachers escorting them, leaving the teacher to tend to not only their class, but the extra students that were allowed to walk independently. If each teacher walks their students to the café, we can ensure a safe exit for all students. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance in this area.

Think Aloud

Don't forget that you are to utilize the Think Aloud Strategy before 9/26/16. I have also challenged you to use this strategy differently than you have in the past. Remember, the think aloud strategy you are trying is one that you, the teacher, are performing. Be sure to peruse the Think Aloud presentation that Heather and Jocelyn presented for further ideas. The previous Trepa Times included a button that would take you to the presentation, if you need a refresher.

Once you have tried the strategy, you are to share in your collaborative teams PRIOR to the September 26th staff meeting. You should use the following reflective questions to guide these discussions.

  • What was the context in which the think aloud was used? (small group, large group, subject area, etc.)
  • What objective(s) were you hoping to accomplish utilizing this strategy?
  • What was your comfort level as you delivered the think aloud?
  • What were the student reactions, comments?
  • Did it help solidify learning for the students? How do you know?
  • What would you continue to do with further think aloud opportunities?
  • What would you change about what you did?

Each team will be expected to share at least one think aloud experience at our September 26th staff meeting.

Tune Up Tuesday

Thank you to ALL for your assistance in helping students follow lunchroom procedures last week. However, we are returning to lunchroom procedures this week for our tune up Tuesday, due to the difficulties we experienced last week. If you would like Andrea or Nicole to be in attendance when reviewing the procedures, please see Brittany to find out when they might be available to do so.

Don't forget!

Don't forget that our next staff meeting on September 26th requires ALL staff members be in attendance. All staff members includes all certified AND classified staff. Please plan accordingly. Please see me ASAP if you are aware of a conflict. I will have you complete a portion of our activities independently to ensure participation by all.

Math manipulatives

Just a friendly reminder that you want to have your math manipulatives in a location that is convenient for students and encourages them to utilize the manipulatives as a resource. We have a lot of different ideas on how to do this throughout the building. Take a tour of our classrooms, if you're looking for ideas! If you have any questions as to how to utilize manipulatives more in your math instruction, please contact one of our instructional coaches, Marty Beck or myself.

Duty Schedule

Gym: Hayward/Saxon

Bus: Honn

Pick Up: Retzl

Crow Creek: Heeringa/Pickett

Julie's Schedule


3:30 BLT mtg.


9:50 Grade level mtg.

3:30 Dr. Appt.


1:10 Early Release


7:30 a.m. PBIS mtg./Culture and Climate (this will be a joint mtg.)


7:30 a.m. Behavior Data Team

9:00 Coach's mtg.