3rd Grade Newsletter

May 22, 2017

This Week in 3rd Grade

A Note From Mrs. Ascuncion

Dear Parents,

The third grade students will be having a mask parade Friday, May 26th at 9 a.m. We invite you to come see the students show off their creativity as they parade through the cafeteria. We ask that students wear a costume or colors of clothing to match their type of mask the day of the parade. Check the list below to see what type of mask your child will be wearing.

Hodge- African Tribal Stiehl- Greek Drama

Youmans- Venetian Partridge- Safari Animals

Here are a few pictures from past years for costume ideas.




Thank you,

SRE Fine Arts Teachers

Math: We started Unit 7 last week and we are chugging right along.

In this unit we will:

  • Develop and use strategies for multiplying by 11 and 12
  • Multiply single-digit numbers by multiples of 10
  • Multiply single-digit numbers by two-digit numbers
  • Solve problems involving fractions

Unit 7 Overview

Science: We wrapped up our science unit last week and this week will be switching to social studies from one last time. We will be revisiting the habits as well as talking about some of the accomplishments of both inventors and scientists.

Language Arts: We are wrapping up our biography unit this week and will be starting to brainstorm for our persuasive writing piece.

Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

I can show how I seek first to understand by restating what a person says in my own words.

The Leader in Me @ Home

The paradigms and practices of The Leader in Me can also be used at home.

Wouldn't it be nice if they would just listen?

Pretend Listening. Have your child try to tell you something while you are doing something else. “Pretend listen.” (Uh-huh. That’s nice.) Talk to them about how that felt. Have them tell you again while you give your child your full attention.

Now switch. Have them play or draw while you talk. Then have them really listen. Talk about how it felt for you and them. Remind your child this kind of listening is an example of Think Win-Win.

What feeling? Take turns acting out feelings (happy, sad, bored, hurt, angry, hungry, etc.) without words. Try using appropriate actions rather than exaggerations.

Repeat. Try saying the phrase “I didn’t say you did it” varying the tone of voice and emphasizing a different word each time and discuss the way it alters the meaning.

Echo. For older kids and adults. Do you have an issue with your spouse or teen. Go to them and say, “Help me understand your point of view on this.” Then really listen without interrupting. When they finish, repeat in your own words what you heard. Ask, “Is that right? Is there more?” When they feel heard then ask, “May I share how I feel about this?” Make sure to voice your concerns in a way that acknowledges the other person’s value using “I” statements.

Words to use:

“So if I understand, you are saying _____”

“Help me understand your point of view.”

“It seems like you are distracted. Is there a better time for me to share this with you?”

“Is now a good time for me to share a concern I have?”

“Excuse me, (young child.) Are you listening or pretend listening?”

“What does your heart think she meant when she said that?”

“I am concerned when I see (you yell at your sister/unfinished homework/etc.) because I know that you are a good kid. Last week you put away the dishes without even being asked. You are usually so thoughtful. Help me understand what is going on here.”


Spelling: there, about, could, use, after, because, along, life, pages, high, story, white, across, hear, city, living, black, eat, short, United States

** This will be the last spelling test of the year!! What FANTASTIC spellers we've had this year.

Reading: Read 60 minutes and record in your planner. This will be the last week to earn money for your jobs.

Practice Math Facts this summer please!!! It will do you a lot of good next year, I promise!

Important Dates:

May 22 LISD Bad Weather Make-Up Day – No School

May 24th- Student Led Conferences will be from 12:30-2:30 this day. From 12:30-1:30 will be Mrs. Stiehl's and Ms. Hodge's classes. From 1:30-2:30 will be Mrs. Youmans' and Mrs. Partridge's classes. Come anytime in that hour block!

May 26th- Mask Parade during their specials time(8:50-9:20)

June 2 Last Day of School – Early Dismissal Schedule