Our Lady of Mercy


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Loving God, our creator, our saviour, our companion,

bless this journey of a new school year that we are undertaking.

Refresh our souls and renew our spirits

as we embrace the beautiful ministry you have called us to.

We welcome those who are new to our community and ask

that you strengthen them to share the wonderful gifts you have given them.

Lord, make our hearts pure

as we welcome the return of students and staff to Our Lady of Mercy.

May you guide us to have open hearts and minds eager to learn.

We ask this in Your name,


Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to school. Although the start of term was delayed by a week, due to lockdown, it was just as wonderful to see all the happy smiling faces of our children returning for the start of the new school year. A very warm welcome for all our new families, we are so happy you have joined our wonderful community.


Thank you to all parents and carers for your support with the untraditional start to our year. We never imagined we would be wearing masks and having to ask parents to say goodbye to their children at the door of classrooms on the first day back to school. We truly appreciate the high levels of compliance with our Covid-safe practices, including the wearing of masks. The ‘Move Up’ morning which is a transition to new classrooms program that we implemented at the end of last year, together with the social story supports for the Early Years, have truly paid off with an incredibly smooth start to the new school year. A special thank you to our Early Years Kindy and Pre-Primary parents. Your children have been very brave walking into classrooms on their own and have settled in beautifully. As parents and carers you have also been very brave in saying goodbye to your children at the door and entrusting your children to our care. I can assure you that our greatest priority is the safety and wellbeing of each and every child at our school.


In consultation with our P&F we have decided to reschedule the Sundowner planned for the 19th of February. The reason for this is that we had booked food vans and equipment hire and given the uncertainty around restrictions for Week 3, we decided that we could not inconvenience these suppliers unnecessarily, should we have to cancel and so we postponed this event to a date later on this term.

The good news is that the P&F have decided on a new date for the Sundowner being 19th of March. This is a great choice of date as it is Harmony Day. The Sundowner will be a welcome back to school, an opportunity for new families to meet and socialise with other families and a wonderful celebration of the rich cultural diversity at our school.

Parent Information about School

This year our staff decided to try something a little different for Parent Information Night, as traditionally attendance by parents and carers at these information sessions is very low. We understand the reasons for this low attendance are varied and that many parents are busy, might have difficulty finding minders for their children or may have already read information in the handbook and welcome letter from the classroom teacher.

Our intention for Parent Information Night this year, is to focus on building relationships. We want to open up classrooms for families to have the opportunity to pop in and say hello and simply meet the classroom teacher on their way to the Sundowner. This face to face meeting for a few minutes is an opportunity to start building a relationship with your child’s classroom teacher. A close home school partnership is an important support for your child’s growth and development this year.

We will still open classrooms up for this opportunity to meet your child's teacher, but it will be a little delayed until the rescheduled Sundowner Evening. Should you have any queries about the Parent Handbook and welcome letter or if you have any concerns, there are many ways to contact your child’s classroom teacher. You are welcome to email the teacher or phone the school to request that the teacher returns your call. You are also able to communicate with your child’s teacher via Seesaw. We will be holding individual parent meetings for all parents in Weeks 8 and 9 of this term, which is in six and a half weeks’ time. You are also always welcome to make an appointment to see your child’s classroom teacher should you have any concerns before the scheduled parent meetings in Weeks 8 and 9.

Leadership Year 6

This year we are introducing the leadership roles of head girl and boy and deputy-head boy and girl in addition to the faction captains. All students in Year 6 will have the opportunity to grow and develop their leadership skills and capabilities by nominating for a Ministry role in the Evangelisation, Technology, Communications and Sustainability and Wellbeing Ministries. Year 6 students nominating for head boy and girl and deputy-head girl and boy, together with faction captains will be required to write a speech to present to students and staff from Years 4 - 6 next week. Voting will then take place and leadership positions announced at the first assembly in Week 5. Our Year 6 teachers have spoken to the Year 6 students about these leadership roles and students have been encouraged to apply. Support for children writing speeches for leadership positions will be given by our teachers.

Medical Information

It is vitally important that we have the most up to date medical information on file at school. If your child’s medical needs have changed, please contact the school so that we can update our information. If your child has had a recent diagnosis of an allergy, asthma or any other medical condition that we need to be aware of, please contact the front office or your child’s teacher.

We wish you a wonderful Term 1. My door is always open to parents and carers so please feel free to pop in to say hello, to share a celebration or concern. Your child’s primary school journey will be like any other journey, filled with challenges and successes along the way. Whatever twists and turns this learning journey may take, you are assured of our partnership and support in your child’s learning and progress. We are committed to working with parents and carers as children’s first educators, to ensure the best outcomes for our children.

God bless you.

Ondine Komnick


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School Fees: Accounts will be emailed today

School fees will be emailed today. If you do not receive an email, please come to the office and we will print an invoice for you. You will also receive a payment plan, which needs to be filled in and sent back to school by 19 February. If you have difficulty filling in the Payment Option Form, please come to the office and we are more than happy to help you!

All payment plans received by 19 February will go into the draw to win a $50 gift voucher.

School Fees: New payment option Centrepay

Use Centrepay to make regular deductions from your Centrelink payment. Centrepay is a voluntary and easy payment option available to Centrelink customers.

Go to servicesaustralia.gov.au/centrepay for more information on how to set up your Centrepay deductions.

Badminton after school - Years 3-6

All students from Year 3-6 are welcome to join. The cost is $35 for seven one-hour lessons. Places are limited to the first 20 students to sign up and pay. Please bring the form and money to the office.

Soccer coaching before school - Years 1 to 6

All students from Year 1 to 6 are welcome to join. The cost is $69 for six one-hour lessons. Places are limited to the first 40 students to sign up and pay. Please bring the form and money to the office.

Parking and Kiss & Drive

This year we will have one collection point at the back of the school, in the shaded area behind the Science Room. Kiss & Drive at the front of the school will continue as usual. If you are not collecting your child from their classroom, let them know where to meet you.

Canteen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

The Summer Menu will be sent home with your child this week. Please note there has been some price changes that will come into affect on Monday 15 February.

We encourage parents to make use of the online ordering system which can be accessed at


All lunch orders need to be written on a paper lunch bag which you can purchase from any supermarket. Please write your name, class and order clearly on the bag with exact money is possible. Any change will be taped to the front of the lunch bag. If you do not have a lunch bag, please add 10 cents to your order and one will be provided for you. Please no staples or sticky tape on bags. Please note all lunch orders need to be handed into the classroom basket.

Kindy and Pre-Primary students can pre-order recess and lunch. Students from Years 1-6 can purchase recess items from the Canteen.

We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:10am-1:30pm.

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