Poseidon's Power in the water

By: Edmund C.

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Q: So Poseidon how is everything down in the ocean?

A: Everything is horrible.

Q: Why?

A: You didn't hear. My son got taken by Athena.

Q: Why did Athena take your son?

A: That beast took my son because we are in a fight over territory in god power.

Q: Why are you guys fighting? Didn't you pull the string for water? Didn't Zeus grant the goddess of war and strategy?

A: We are fighting because a long time ago when we were first given our powers she protected Athens. She was draining the water from the sea so I threw my trident at her town raising the salt water until it flooded the city.

Q: Don't you think that that is a little harsh?

A: Ya but now that she took my son. I am going to find her precious little town and completely destroy it. NO MERCY!!!!!

Q: How are you gonna destroy her town?

A: Since her town is by the sea I am going to flood it and have sharks, killer whales, and stingrays go around and kill every one in Athens.

Q: Won't Athena be able to stop this she is the goddess of war and strategy?

A: She will be able to stop it only one way.

Q: How?

A: If she gives me back my son after the attack I well talk to my brothers Zeus and Hades. I will see if they will let me give everybody who dies their life back.

Q: Wow are you sure that they will agree?

A: Ya they will help me.

Comparing and contrasting

Poseidon compared to Curtis Granderson

  • Poseidon ruled/guarded the sea.
  • Poseidon controlled all the seas.
  • Poseidon had a trident.
  • Poseidon is a Greek god.
  • Poseidon could call a fish and they come.
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Animation: Athena and Poseidon Battle