The Cundari's Cristmas

What we do to celebrate Christmas.

What we get/do for Christmas.

How we Celebrate

First, we put up the decorations like stokings,light,and reifes in the frou

nt yard. Then, we get are Christmas tree, but we don't get it to early because we don't want it to get dry. Next, we bring the tree to are house and set it up. After that, we decorate the tree and put the blanket under the tree. At this point, at my house we rap presents. Later our grandma and grandpa come over and gave there presents to us, at our house. We also gave them our presents that we got them. After all, it is time for my aunts to come over and uncles.They stay at my Nonna's house(witch is there mom). We always go over there to see them. After, It is Christmas Eve! In the morning we go to church to celebrate Jesuses birth. Then it is like 11:00 am and then we get ready to go to my Nonna's house for Christmas Eve.

Special Food

Then we eat dinner and then after that we make our own cookies for Santa, they were sugar cookies. That were very yummy! After we make are cookies we take 3 cookies home that my brothers and I made and put the cookies and carrots out. Me and Anthony always sleep in Colin's room it is a tradition we have then we go to sleep!

Meaning of,why celebrated

We celerate it because Jesus was born.

Special colors

Red,and Green.

Special Music

Christmas music like Holly Jolly.

Who is there

My Nonna,papa,ungles,aunts,dad,mom,Anthony,and Colin.

What day/when

The 25

Where does it take place

my house,my Nonna's house

When was it first celebrated

When Jesus was born

Special clothes

p.js,cofey clothes

What Conuntries celebrate it

Hong kong,Italy,United States,and like 50 more

Christmas day!

What we do on Christmas day.

It is Christmas day! I am so exited! I always wake up at 6:30, my parents tell me to wake them up at 7:00 so when it is time we go in there and wake up my mom and dad my dad is always exited when we wake him up. When we wake up my mom is scared. Then we go out to the living room and open presents. I always go first when we open our presents we open and are stokings.Then we eat breackfeast. Then we get ready for going to my Nonna's house to open presents. Ok we are here we go in to my Nonna's house and open presents. I go first because it is youngets to oldest we thank eachother and play with are toys we got. We stay there for a long time maybe even till 7:00 then we go to sleep. I am very sad Christmas is over.

Christmas photos