Will the Human Species Evolve?

By Melinda Whitehead and Dalton Rayner

Why I believe the human species WILL evolve in the next millennial

The human species is just going through a stage of the evolution cycle because I mean we have been evolving since the beginning of time. Why should the evolution chart just stop. For all we know we could be little gray men or Artificial Intelligence.

Why I belive we WILL (cont.)

For millions of years Humans have been evolving . From the beginning of the earth the human species has been evolving from little bacteria in the ocean, to fish swimming throughout the entire ocean, from there we were just lizards making our way onto the land for the first time. We have gone from lizard to monkey, from monkey to chimp, from chimp to "Lucy", from Lucy to here. The evolution can not be stopped. Some Scientist think we will be in the next Evolution by the year 2050! Yes that close. Don't believe me? Just think with me, we have been in our human stage ever since BEFORE the first Ice Age which was over 2 Billion Years Ago.

Why she believes we WONT Evolve again

"There are logical reasons apart form scriptures direct testimony to reject the theory of evolution and accept creation and a creator"

Mario Seiglie

Evilution is just a Theory, and a theory states that a Supposition or a system of ideas intend to explain something,especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained

Charles Darwin's Theory is that "Biological explanation of how creator have supposedly "evolved' and or "developed"

Why she believe's we WON'T (Con't)

My Opinion is that a theory is a theory, you can have all the prof you want but as long as it states that it is a theory then it is not real in till proven otherwise as a fact.