Together We Can

Lunch Box Campaign

Online Sister School!

The Donations are used for text books and desks, they try to add a new class each year. Amani School uses solar power and generators for electricity.

Every Donation Counts!

In a letter the Amani school quotes "We hope through our relationship with Credenda Virtual High School and Amani School, our students will be educated in all spheres of life (Holistic)."

Hello Everyone,

I am Wynonna Desnomie-Natewayes

I am currently finishing off the certificate programs with Credenda in Early Childhood Education and Business Admin.

I will 19 next month and already came along way, I thought taking this opportunity would be great idea. For my contributions I had fun making Pizza!

· For the lunch box I decided to sell homemade pizza Slices

I got all the supplies I needed.

Prepared the pizza dough, so it can get a good rise

I used facebook as a advertisement, Made a local announcement on the radio, And just used text messaging as another source to promote.

Let them know that it was helping Online School Credenda Support Amani School in Tanzania.

I sold the Slices for 2$ a whole for $20 And I made 10 in total with the 2 days I came up with $168.00

Some Challenges and Highlights

I really enjoy baking and cooking. So I thought it would be a good and easy idea because a lot of people in our community like buying goods. And because it was for donating also whichwas a plus.

A challenge that I came by was not having a good grocery store. I’m in the north and some prices can be sky high. Although I did get some supplies when I went to the city but I made 10 pizzas with what I got.

I could say I helped my school with donating for the charity.

I learned that taking orders can be rushed. We got to be on a fast paste and prepared. And that you may have to go out and ask “do you want to buy pizza”, like promoting your product.

I like that now I can say I helped with the donating.

I was always interested in opening in my business of some kind. So these was a good little experience.