Causes of the American revolution

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Proclamation of 1763

An order in wich Britain prohibited its American colonist from setting west of the Appalachian mountain

Stamp act of 1765

Law passed by parliament that reaunred that reaunred all legal and commercials down men to carry an official stamp showin tax had been paid

The Townshend act of 1767

Sites in Massachusetts of the first battles of American revolution

The Boston massacre 1770

British solders and Boston colonist in 1770 in which five of the colonist including Crispus Attucks were killed

The tea act 1773

Only allowed to be shipped from East Indian company

The Boston tea party 1773

The dumping of 342 chest of tea into Boston harbor by colonist in 1773 to protest the tea act

The intolerable acts 1774

Series of laws enacted by parliant in 1774 to pushing Massachusetts colonist for the Boston tea act

Texting and concords 1767

Series of laws passed by parliaments in 1767 that suspended New York asempally and stable shed taxes on goods brought into the British colonist