First Semester as a Freshman

CeCe Mitchell Due: December 10, 2015

Bi-district Champs! Chronological

Volleyball is my passion. The sport ended with a fairly well outcome about a month ago. We received the title and trophy of bi-district champions, which Fayetteville ISD hadn't received since 2009. In that game, we played Wealder and defeated them by a whopping 15-25 as the highest they scored. We were extremely pumped to move onto to the area game where we would play Medina. Before the game, we practiced as hard as we could, all of us putting in our best effort. Finally, the day of the big area game came and of course, we got there about 20 minutes late and had merely 10 minutes. Madina won the first two games by a lot, and we were losing faith. When the third game came around, the scores were flipped and we won. By the fourth game, we surprisingly still had adrenaline left. We battled hard until the last point and lost by a mere 2 points. I don't think there was one dry eye in the locker room following the game. We were all sad that it was over, but we still have more seasons. Most of us are only in 9th grade, so it's safe to say that we will only get better from here.

The Myths of High School: Compare and Contrast

All through 8th grade, all we heard was "this is preparing you for high school" or "they're not going to let you do that in high school" , tricking us into thinking that high school was hard or a huge deal. It's not. I thought that everything was going to be so serious and that if I received a bad grade, the world would end. Unfortunately, I have received more bad grades than I would've liked, but I'm still doing more than adequate grade wise. I also believed that I would be on my own on all assignments, but the teachers are usually a big help.

The similar things from what we were told and the reality of high school are only a few things.

1. Time management is a HUGE factor in being successful and organized.

2. Freshman year is the hardest year. I guess I don't know if this is true or not yet, but this is the only year I can base my opinion off of.

3. Appearance and popularity is NOT everything. High school is the prime time to learn the lesson of not giving any thought to what people say or think about you.

Basically, all of the things we were told about high school mean squat, even though the experience is different for everyone.

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Christmas break destination: Chatham, MA: Problem and Solution

The Mitchell clams, which is what my family calls ourselves, go to Chatham Massachussetts every other year for Christmas. We always go every summer, but we miss it so much that we have to go back. It is never a perfect journey getting there. Sometimes either my mom or dad will drive and take the three dogs and two kids to drive 2,000 miles. I've done that drive more than once and the scenery is beautiful. This year, all five of us will fly to Massachusetts. That's excluding the three dogs of course. Everyone knows flying is not fun. There are so many stressed people around you and everyone is always in a rush. We will avoid that by getting to the airport extra early. Since we are leaving four days before christmas, it will be even more hectic. I know I will do everything in my power to keep my parents cool, calm, and collected. I will also keep the kids entertained so that they are out of my parents hair. Once we get to Chatham, everyone will relax. It's the perfect getaway and I can't wait to finally be there!
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