The Crucible

Written by Arthur Miller


The Crucible is a perfect example of how a person's morals can be corrupted when they become the center of attention and how fear can be a perfect tool of control and manipulation. When the girls secret was out that they had been dancing in the woods, they convinced everyone they were victims of witchcraft. when they realized that they were believed and in control, they used the power of fear to attach people they had a dislike for, innocent persons. The girls set out to bring their enemies down not caring they were killing people without cause. The Crucible shows that good people can be manipulated into doing bad things, and this can be easily translated into modern society. A perfect example is the hysteria the media and certain groups have stirred up over Muslims. if we follow their hysteria, we would believe that all Muslims are members of ISIS, when in truth, the majority are peaceful people.

Key Words

  • Witchcraft
  • Reputation
  • Empowerment


" A funeral marches round your heart" (Act II)

"Vengeance is walking in Salem"(Act II))

" the magistrate sits in your heart" (Act II)

By: Mary Matula